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  1. I live in the hometown of Darden Restaurants which is the parent company of RL, Olive Garden (bleh), Bahama Breeze (yummy), Seasons 52 (amazing for a chain..but just a few locations) and for a few more minutes - Smokey Bones. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit it - but I actually enjoy Red Lobster..but only for one thing. I don't really have any choices near me BUT chains.. and Red Lobster for 7.99 for lunch gets me consistently good fried shrimp, good baked potato, amazing cheddar biscuits and a decent caesar salad. Would I go there an order a Lobster, "Fresh" fish or crab? No. But for a consistently good lunch, quickly at a good price... it really can't be beat.
  2. I get it on a regular basis at my local Publix supermarket where it is *very* popular. If you don't get it within 30 min of being put out - its sold out until they make it again 3 hours later. A whole lemon pepper chicken and a loaf of french bread... yum!
  3. Ohh! Guilty Pleasure topic! McRib - I love these also! I see them here in Florida about once a year or so. I then proceed to order them all the time and get sick of them.. Repeat Cycle Shamrock Shakes (the mint shake at McD's) - OMG.. I *heart* these with some hot fries. There are only a few franchises in my area that cary it and they generally only have it for a week or so. Argh. Fried Apple Pies - Everytime I am overseas I check the McDonalds for these. I have gotten them recently in Tokyo and Mexico. they ROCK. I also loved the Wendy's Superbar.... There was one near me up until '99 or so..
  4. It was handled very poorly but it is an issue that you have to deal with in many areas. When I used to work at a grocery store that sold beer and wine we would occasionally be told that there was an inspection coming soon and we were not to sell to ANYONE without ID. I turned away quite a few 80 year old grandmoms wanting to buy bottles of wine who forgot their drivers license - and the manager would back us up. The threat of possibly loosing your liquor license is so great that stores would do whatever it takes to appease the inspectors. Most places in my area (orlando) will card everyone regardless of age as well - I honestly assumed it happened everywhere!
  5. I will second the response about being in the middle of nowhere. I would stick to either restaurants on Disney property (which there are quite a few amazing ones) or in Celebration (Columbia is great!). Even with these however make sure you allow enough travel time. Coming from this resort you will encounter horrible traffic coming "back to civilization". If you are going to be traveling 5-7pm range add an extra 30min travel time to whatever your destination is.
  6. Thanks for the help! I tried subbing Light Corn Syrup for most of the maple syrup in an effort to have it stick together more but it still had a cereal feel.. I also tried adding a bit of chocolate chips but it overpowered the nutty taste just a bit. Oh well, back to the drawing board!
  7. So I thought I would bring up an old topic since I recently started having a Granola addiction and have tried to make it myself a few times. I used the Alton Brown recipe subbing the cashews (can't find them affordable unsalted) with macadamia nuts and flax seeds. While this tasted great it didn't have the "Brick" form that I wanted it to. It had a more cereal feel. Is there a way to get it to clump together? I have also wondered if it matters what type of oats I use. The recipe calls for "Rolled" oats - I found ones that call themselves that but they are a bit pricey and bring my food cost up quite a bit - would regular "Quaker" type oats do or is there a difference? Thanks!
  8. disneyfan1313

    Dinner! 2005

    Tonight we decided to try to create our own "Indian Meatballs" that I saw in an earlier post.. They were good but didn't quite have the "Indian" taste that I thought they would. Made them with ground beef, breadcrumbs, garlic, onion, TONS of fresh cilantro and ground coriander. We put that over couscous with toasted pita bread (no nan!) and had some fresh corn with lots o' salt and pepper. Desert was homemade brownies with Bryers Mint Chocolate chip ice cream and sprinkles. Anyways..on to the pictures!
  9. I would recomend a Taxi rather than the bus hassle. They are relativly close and it would probably be a $10 or less ride.
  10. As a side note - Park admission is by date only not 24 hour period unfortunatly. If you purchase a ticket for today it is only good until the close of business today. Out of the choices that you mentioned I would probably recomend Jiko. Great and inventive food - plus the deserts are to die for (the chocolate "candies" are very creative) and they have the best South African wine selection in the US. Plus the restaurant is located at the Animal Kingdom Lodge so if you are not visiting Animal Kingdom you can still walk around and see some of the beautiful animals and surroundings. Enjoy!
  11. I have a serious dislike for Diet sodas but when they were giving samples of this away at work the other day I had to give it a whirl. The first sip gave me a "wow...this tastes almost like coke!" feeling. Then the aftertaste hit. The same diet coke aftertaste which just lingers in your mouth. Ugh. I'll stick with my fully-loaded version! :)
  12. Disney food seems to get a bad rap on here - and although I'm biased (look at my name), there are quite a few restaurants at WDW that I would choose over 'great' restaurants i've been to all over the world. Some of my suggestions - Breakfast - Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort: Great Banana stuffed french toast and other breakfast faves with Kona Coffe Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge: Amazing buffet that features african cuisine plus delicious juice combos (also *amazing* for dinner.. and I generally dislike buffets) Lunch - Studio Catering Company at the Disney-MGM Studios - Newly re-opened with a killer middle-eastern themed menu - best kebabs i've had outside of NYC Tusker House at Disney's Animal Kingdom - Great garlicky rotiserie-chicken and great salmon Beaches and Cream - Within walking distance of the swan at the Beach Club resort - *Best* burgers on disney property in a fun atmosphere with killer sundaes. Dinner - Le Cellier at Epcot - Canada Pavilion - Amazing Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Soup .. Steaks just as good as Yachtsmans steakhouse for less money and a great atmosphere Marakkesh at Epcot - Morocco Pavilion - Overlooked great Moroccan food with entertainment Flying Fish at Boardwalk (within walking distance) - AMAZING seafood - always good service and food - sit at the kitchen seats for a great view. Narcoosee's at the Grand Floridian - Overlooked Surf and Turf type restaurant with a great view Those are just some of my faves - i've been to every restaurant on disney property so if you have any questions.. let me know!
  13. I went for the first time this year having heard about it for years. It was.....OK. It is NO WHERE near the size of the strawberry festival. The entire event could fit inside a large wall-mart parking lot. It seems that the main draw is the country music (not a fan) and the arts and crafts section. There is also a small midway and of course... the CORN! The admission for the festival is rather steep (I believe it was 12 or 15 a person) but it includes all you can eat Zellwood Sweet Corn! It was actually kinda difficult to find the corn - it was in a rather sketchy building at the back of the festival labeled "FOOD". Inside there were folding tables and farm kids handing out styrofoam containers. I was asked "one or two?" and replied "two" thinking they wanted to know how many ears I wanted. I was then given 2 containers filled with 3 ears each. Outside the sketchy building were tables with salt, hot salt and pepper to dress the corn that was already drenched in butter. The corn was AMAZING. I did actually manage to eat all 6 ears (I have never eaten that much corn before), and could have perhaps eaten more! The rest of the food at the fair was VERY generic, almost worse than the average fair food stands. Overall I would probably not go again unless it becomes more of a "strawberry festival" type of event.
  14. I personally can't stand *any* generic "colas" but I think that Publix (a grocery store chain in Florida and a few other SE states) has the best Ginger Ale by far. Plus at 2 bucks a 12 pack you can't beat it!
  15. I am a huge fan of Ting. I usually buy a case of it any time I am in South Florida ( I live in Orlando and I have not found a place to get it besides individual bottles). I have found it in Jamaican, Hispanic and Caribbean markets and have been told it is distributed by Pepsi in some areas (for those of you who are looking). I also fell in love with Apple Tea soda when I was in Japan last year although I have not found it in the US. Has anyone seen it here?
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