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  1. I'll have to pick some up at the Cape May store next week. I had no idea their fried chicken was as good as you're saying it is!
  2. Don't shoot me for slowing down to look at the car wreck! 2 more years - God help us all! I openly admit that I will watch that show just for the pure humor/what the hell is she making now aspect of it. And I ALWAYS change my kitchen decor with what I'm cooking. Always - don't you? If she's taught me anything, it's that my boobs belong at the waistband of my pants.
  3. When I was 11 & we were on summer vacation, we went throgh Houston & I remember seeing a sign for a burger joint that said, "Over 2 dozen sold". It was combined with a bait shop type of store.
  4. Hot tea w/lemon & honey when I'm getting a sore throat - but I have always taken my tea this way. When DH made tea with milk & sugar 10 years ago I was absolutely horrified. Ginger Ale for nausea (has to have real ginger in it though) Coke or flat coke works too, but I find that flat Oke makes it worse for me for some reason. Peppermints for cramps Chocolate for....for.... well, nobody needs a reason to eat chocolate Hot water w/lemon for constipation Oatmeal for mosquito bites & poison ivy. Don't eat it - cook it & slap it on the bites or ivy.
  5. I have a myriad of mixing bowls in my kitchen. I'm not a preofessional & I run my own cake business on the side of my FT job. I have a nesting set of Stainless w/lids that I love - great for storing icing too, a set of nesting Pyrex which I always forget that I have, a set of nesting pottery bolws that weigh a ton, but I've had them for at least 15 years & they're great for heavy bread doughs & such & I also have a nesting set of plastic bowls with rubber grips on the bottom & pour spouts. I am always reaching for the plastic ones. Always.
  6. Yes UDF is awesome. I worked at UDF in college & never got sick of ice cream. And to anyone who doesn't live in Ohio, the concept of an ice cream fountain with a gas station is totally lost. And Graeters! How can you not like coming across a CHUNK of chocolate in your chocolate chip ice cream?
  7. I once worked with a guy who had some issue with milk (I can't remember what is was) so he ate cereal with a fork. He could handle the milk enough to wet the cereal & make it taste good, but he just couldn't handle all of the milk.
  8. I bought a MAC Santuko back in November & I love this knife. It's light & cuts onions, potatoes & anything else like butter. Now, I have never had a "good" knife before so you'll excuse my sheer joy at being able to barely touch the knife to an onion & have it slice clean through. Now I cry because it's just so damn easy to dice onions! And I'm such a weinerhead because I store like it's the holy grail & will let NO ONE touch it.
  9. OMG Po'Folks!! I had forgotten all about them. I remember when the one opened on Beechmont Ave - I was a teenager & I remember going past that place & thinking WTF is Po'Folks? My parents had friends who raved about it & so they went to try it. Yeah, those friiends were never trusted as food critics after that! Every great once in a while I crave a Frischs' Big Boy Burger - but it's been a while since I've had one. I crave Skyline far more often than Frisch's! Now there's some gourmet food! LOL!! God I love it though! When we lived in NJ, I made the mistake of ordering a coney & thinking it was going to be like Skyline. Not even close. Edit: Sorry, didn't mean to thread jack!
  10. It could have been worse - like perhaps Frisch's. Although, if the company is excellent, the food isn't quite as important. At least Zips has that Mt. Lookout "aura" going for it as well! BTW, are their burgers still really small?
  11. Whatever helps you sleep at night Kidding, of course. But yeah, what's with all the teeny people winning? Do you think they're getting rid of this food immediately thereafter? "I saw the Nathan's contest - fat guys with food dripping down their chests doesn't quite make it as a sport, IMHO." That is quite a picture. Yuk. Yup, this show (if it airs) is definitely going to be a train wreck. I can't stand seeing food just dripping from someone's mouth.
  12. For me, it's smell. If it smells bad, I won't even taste it. Also why I hold my nose when I take Nyquil when I have a nasty cold. When I hold my nose, I can't really tatse it in the true sense of the word - I get the aftertaste but that's it. Food also has no taste to me when I'm congested & can't breathe.
  13. I forgot about those!! I deep fry Snickers & Milky Way minitaures. I wrap them in wonton skins & drop the basket. 60 seconds later (if that) I have a winderfully, delicious & extremely bad for me deep fried piece of chocolatey goodness. MMMM.
  14. Well, the winner of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest was Japanese for sometime - same, little skinny guy for what, like 2 years or something? So, does that mean that they have that kind of competition in Japan or has he just become acclimated to our culture? I don't remember if that guy lives here or if he still lives in Japan. Ok, so this was a useless post as I had absolutely no information - I suck.
  15. I'm just fascinated by this stuff. You're not supposed to cram mass quantities of food down your throat (ha ha, I almost said gullet) at lightning speed. I was listening to a radio show not too long ago & a guest came on who was in this Competitive Eating Federation & he was talking of all of his wins. One of which was for butter & it nearly made me sick to even think about it. I can't remember how many pounds he ate but it was a mind numbingly large amount. I think this will just be one of those shows that is like a horrible train wreck for me. I'll just watch it because I can't stop! It's God awful & you know you shouldn't be watching it, but you just can't help yourself!
  16. I used to work with an ex-wife of a Comisar - I'm sure she's having a field day with this. I just had absolutely no idea things had gotten this bad for the family. I truly hope they are able to recover & move to Sycamore Township as planned. It was reported that the creditors have been calling asking for their money & now the staff's union may become one of their creditors.
  17. According to one of our local news stations, it appears as though there are money problems as well. Evidently the staff hasn't been paid in a while & they don't know if they even will be paid.
  18. Metal Spice


    My father in law used to fish off the Jersey Shore & he used mullet as bait. We have a picture of an almost full bucket of mullet & a picture of my mother in law, emptying said bucket back into the surf. And yes, that is followed by a picture of my very pissed off father in law.
  19. I LOVE kohlrabi! But the only way I've ever eaten it is sliced & sprinkled with salt. And I'm actually quite happy eating it that way. I've loved it since I was a kid.
  20. It's just moving from Downtown Cininnati to the Mason/Sycamore area (still a suburb of Cincinnati) which is booming & where people with money have moved to. Nobody wants to come to downtown Cincinnati anymore & it affects the businesses. We were hoping they'd come across the river to us. Donwtown is losing business to Newport on the Levy & Nat was deciding where to move, between our side of the river & Sycamore township.
  21. I haven't heard that name in so long. My husband had a Virgos T-shirt that he ended up giving to my single at the time brother because I thought it was just in such poor taste to wear it in mixed company! I have no idea if the shirts still look like they did in the early 90's! We are both transplants from NJ & our families still live there. Mother in Law at the shor in Cape May where she retired & the rest of the in-laws spread out from Frenchtown - Barnegat. As far as stereotyping goes, whener I tell people where I live now, I immediately get this "Why don't you have an accent?". Ok, why must you assume that everyone who lives in Kentucky should have an accent? We love it out here & have more land than we'd EVER be able to afford in NJ. That said, I miss the Italian food & I miss Stuff Yer Face!!! You guys may scoff at Stuff Yer Face, but I love it & I miss it. I think that while people will ALWAYS stereotype, you should just have a sense of humor about it. You hsuld hear people when they find out I'm Italian, from NJ & my uncle is in waste management. I enjoy Anthony because while he says positive things about the places he travels & their cuisine, he also says what he truly feels about the negative side of those places. He's not just there saying everything is remarkable & all the food is wonderful & that makes him a heck of a lot more human & watchable.
  22. What mental malfunction would compell anyone to make something so completely unappealing & repulsive?
  23. The strangest I've had was the night we had a very good friend & his wife over. She doesn't eat anything but sugar, junk & kids type food (chicken fingers, mac & cheese, etc.). I really thought he was kidding when he told me that. So I made bruschetta, salad w/homemade vinaigrette, lasagna & ice cream for dessert (yes, I was dying to use my ice cream maker!). So, while we all had that, I made a grilled cheese sandwich for her. Very nice & very sweet gril, but it was odd to have all of this food for us & she was eating a grilled cheese sandwich. She didn't eat the ice cream either cuz it wasn't out of the "box".
  24. D'oh! That's right. Duh. I'm not an idiot in real life, but I play one on this board! : )
  25. That makes my head hurt.
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