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  1. Aldi's is where I've been buying my powdered sugar from for my cake decorating business for about 20+ years now. Cheaper than local grocers and cheaper than super walmart too.
  2. What beautiful cakes -- thanks for sharing! This is a long shot, but have you ever used non-crusting buttercream (such as Italian meringue buttercream) as your base for brush embroidery? Or non-crusting buttercream for the embroidery itself? ← The only non crusting icing I use is cream cheese and I don't decorate with it. I would think it would be nearly impossible but there's always a possibility someone figured out a way to do it.
  3. quote=celenes,Mar 22 2006, 04:07 PM]While I have never tried the technique myself, I am curious to know can you do the same on buttercream frosting once it crusts or is it just impossible to do. I don't work with fondant much but do a lot of other cakes with buttercream and with Spring here now I would love to use the technique for some upcoming cakes. ←
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