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  1. I will be going this July - I'll give you all an update. Likely we'll be on the terrace, which is supposed to be magical - so my views may be biased by the view. BTW- I read they will be redecorating in August.
  2. Anyone have any new info -- the website seems to be"down" now....
  3. Fair enough! Though, a table by the window is never bad with a view to Beaulieu.... Poulet actually served some very inventive cuisine, and for us, it is a fairly short walk down the hill - so maybe that is my soft spot. Cap Ferrat restaurants, in general, are overpriced for what they serve. So true what you say about good Italian food in and around Nice - my wife's comments about this new place were something like -- "hey this is like real Italian food...." so maybe we'll get lucky.... FYI the whole baby octopus is really quite good. The owners, I believe, are from Milan and have another restaurant somewhere in Italy.
  4. Yea - just saw that - wonder where it will be. Too bad about that spot in St Jean - it is a fabulous location - not sure why it is a problem. A new middle of the road italian restaurant just opened there Luna Rossa - it may be a better "bet" given the current fiscal climate. The meal we had there in Feb was quite good and the place was packed.
  5. Yes Alain Llorca has moved to Juan-les-pin Hotel Belle Rives - nice spot -- should be a nice addition to the coastal restaurant scene. Le Table du Cap is a sad story - great spot in Cap Ferrat with veryy inventive cuisine - Laurent Poulet is a nice guy - just couldn't make it long enough.
  6. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........................
  7. I think, for me, AT is less touristy and seems more local and less international - if that makes sense. I know the shopping was good and the restaurants are top notch.
  8. Just a quick update -- Acqui Terme is still a most charming town - Il Caffi - was terrific as was Bacco and La Cornu(sp?) - I seem to always forget what a great town Acqui T is.... FWIW, for us yanky ex-pats - Piedmonte is, to me like wisconson - charming, good food, pleasant,friendly, educated,open minded and fairly wealthy....... just my perspective from a guy who lives near detroit and has a flat in cap ferrat france......
  9. ... and it is perfect for the delicate white truffle - a great combo!!
  10. Just back -- pretty good crop - I paid about 2.00 gram from the both our guide and then from a "friend" of his. The quality is excellent and the ones I brought home are still excellent!!! Been enjoying a steady diet of Eggs, Risotto, homemade pasta, veal tartare and few other things all a la tartufi!!! As an aside Chris and Nicola over at La Villa are fantastic hosts and we had a great time there. Mario and his dog Rocky were great guides and we had fun - though it was cold. I'll post photos a bit later.
  11. Thanks -- I tried it very simply -- I took the veal - th eye of the round - very lean and ground it then I sheved a bit of tartufi mixed it and let it sit in the fridge for half a day. About 1/2 hour before serving I put some sea salt a bit of pepper and some ex virgin olive oil and tossed delicately. I served it Piedmonte style pressing into a metal round and then a few more sprinklings of sel de mer, drizzle of olive oil and then a generous serving of tartufi - Heaven!!! FYI one pound will serve 6 easily as a first course.
  12. It is Veal tartare - forgot to say that...
  13. Hey all -- I did a search, and I must not know what I am doing with the search function.... anyway. I want to make the Fassone for my tartuffi, and I was wondering what to do - which cut of meat is best -- do I add anything other than olive oil and salt??? Any help is appreciated.
  14. Sampaguita, Thanks for the report - looking good -- hey do you remember what prices were last year? Getting old and I really can't remember - likely I didn't care too much as I was floating in my yearly Tartufi bianchi "buzz" or "coma" and just enjoyed my "fix."
  15. Looking good - we are going the end of next week, so our timing should be about right. Any new reports on the prices this year?
  16. Hey Ed - any updates... is the rain doing its work?
  17. Looks like you are finally getting rain - better late than never huh?
  18. Any updates on the weather?
  19. I haven't been to I Caffi since they moved from Cassinasco to Acqui Terme, but reports say that the cuisine is still as good as it was whe I ate there (maybe easier to get home as the drive through narrow hill roads was quite tough). Also they are open for lunch, which is maybe a good thing for driving home at night too. I think the folks who run La Villa should have a number of good reccomendations, Nizza M would be the closest town, and I really used to like La Rotonda a few years ago when I was last ate in those parts. Also not too far from Calamandrana (Violetta and Bardon would be my picks). ←
  20. Thanks Sampaguita!! We will be staying @ La Villa - is Il Caffi(sp?) still worth a dinner? Any other good spots in the area?
  21. This is very good news indeed - 2 Euro per gram is less than last year in mid november!!! Wondering if late november may be a bit late this year??
  22. got some good rains here in Nice - how about alba?
  23. How is it looking this year - seems like there is some good sept rains - no?
  24. Thinking the same thing!! Going back this november in hopes of a bumper crop . They had some good May/June rains also..... fingers crossed.
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