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  1. I will be in the Bath ME area next week and love whole belly clams. Please recommend places in the Bath area for good fried whole belly clams. Thanking you in advance for your assistance. Don
  2. Does anyone know of a restaurant that serves whole belly clams in Atlanta or a seafood market that sells them? Thanks, D
  3. I had a good garlic crop this year and wanted to store some in oil in the fridge; I have done this in the past with no problem. I have read several warning lately about the danger of botulism using this method. I see minced garlic in oil in the grocery store and assume they use some type pf preservative. I am wondering if adding a pinch of pink salt may be a good idea. What do you guys think. Don
  4. I recall reading a biscuit recipe that called for no measuring tools; all the measurements were “handful”. “one finger pinch”, “two finger pinch”, etc. I cannot locate this recipe. Have any of you seen such a recipe. Thanks for any assistance. Don
  5. I need to take a Banana Pudding to a party but are short on time. If I cooked the pudding the night before or the morning before the party would it keep ok in the fridge. How about putting it together but not brown the meringue just before serving?? Any help appreciated. D
  6. Nantahala Outdoor Center http://www.noc.com/resort_dining.html- Not in Robbinsville, but a "must see" while in the area. Take US 28 south to the intersection of hwy 19, take a left and head down into the Natahala Gorge. The road will follow the Nantahala River for 6-7 miles to the NOC. Several restaurants and even a wine and beer shop. The Nantahala Village http://www.nvnc.com/ is a few mile future up the mountain and also has a nice restaurant with great food. Enjoy the area. D
  7. I forgot to mention; I have a gallon of Vanilla Extract working also; same question for the beans I will strain out of the extract. maybe an idea for the extract beans and sugar beans used together. D
  8. I have made 10 lbs. of Vanilla Sugar for Christmas gifts and will sift out the split and scrapped beans out in a couple of weeks. The last time I checked the beans were all sugary. I hate to throw these beans away. Anyone have any ideas for a use for these sugared split Vanilla Beans? Thanks, Don
  9. I wife and I went to one of our favorite restaurants the other night. We normally receive good service there but that night was terrible; everything went wrong. The wait service was very slow and poor, the bar drinks was off and orders mixed up and the steaks was over cooked. I did call the manager over and complained to him; but I am wondering how to handle the tip in the case of poor wait service. I normally tip at least 20 % and in the cases where the bar or kitchen service is sub-par, but the wait service is good I reason the waiter has noting to do with the poor service and tip them
  10. Check out the link to "dogs with natural casing" the Forum inserted in your post. Now that's too funny; I just hope your future customers don't see it. Good luck with your Brew Pub. Don
  11. That's what I'm talking about, thanks. I will do this test and report back. Don
  12. Has anyone taken cheap grocery store Balsamic Vinegar and reduced it for a more real Balsamic Vinegar taste? Is it worth the effort. Don
  13. [quote= Without even taking a breath he said "juniper."
  14. Gwan - cha - lay. Thanks! I will pick up my pork belly and jowl today. I will make my second batch of Pancetta with the belly (I have become addicted to the stuff) and my first Guanciale with the jowl. Yours looks great and I'm sure it will turn out great. D
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