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  1. AvsKick21

    Dinner! 2012

    The platings come from the books in which the recipes are published.
  2. The expensive egg dish has osetra caviar on it.
  3. They list a 3-course "City Harvest Lunch" at the bottom of the tasting menus for $40.
  4. After cooking the meat is stripped from the bones and put into rectangular trays and then pressed with a weight and the skin on top. When it chills it holds together and can be cut into the squares and then browned for service.
  5. I took a look and he doesn't go quite that low. The lowest he goes is 59 C for breasts and his suggested temps range between there and 80 C for some thigh preps.
  6. Here's mine that I think works pretty well... 1 lb Applewood smoked Bacon 2 lb chicken wings or backs 3 Liters of water 1 Onion 1 Carrot 3 thyme sprigs 10 black peppercorns 2 cloves 1 clove garlic 1 star anise 1 tsp coriander ½ cinnamon stick Brown the bacon and then sweat the vegetables and spices in the fat for a bit, then add the chicken and water. I would estimate probably 2 hours of simmering but I'm not 100% sure because I've been using Heston Blumenthal's pressure cooker method for stock lately. If you have a pressure cooker, let it go for 30 minutes, take it off and let it sit until the pressure goes down. After straining and defatting you can either use it or clarify it, depending on what you're using it for.
  7. Why does Heston Blumenthal suggest to double bag the pork belly? Any ideas? ← Because it's a pain in the ass to clean fat out of a circulator if the bags breaks.
  8. I thought that too when I saw the release, so I googled the 'Trail-Blais' company that was listed in his bio, which takes you to Richard Blais's website. So it's definitely him.
  9. note that the mushroom salad probably isn't a great idea for strict vegetarians as the pistachios are cooked in dashi.
  10. AvsKick21

    Per Se

    Historically, the website has been irregularly updated, and I recall past occasions when the prices were wrong. I am sure the $110 was just a typo. ← If so, that's not an insignificant typo. It's also a rather embarrassing mistake for a restaurant of this caliber to make - and let go without redress for this length of time. ← How long have they offered a separate menu for lunch? I was under the impression that lunch and dinner had been the same 2 options until I saw that when I looked up the phone number.
  11. AvsKick21

    Per Se

    9 Course menu is now $275. They're also offering a 5-course lunch Fri-Sun for $110, which honestly seems like a pretty good deal. http://www.perseny.com/perse/persemenu.htm
  12. Over the summer they were. They bring them over from the pastry kitchen across the street.
  13. Don't go for lunch. As noted frequently in the past, the lunch menu is just the burrito ssams. They're fine, but not what the restaurant is acclaimed for. If you want to go, try to make time for it at dinner. At dinner you can do very well without ordering pork, provided that you eat fish and other meat. I haven't looked at the online menu recently, but it I remember it being quite limited compared to what is actually on the menu at the restaurant. If I were going to have a non pork dinner I would get the raw scallops, the mushroom salad, the skate and the lamb shoulder, but I would guess that there are at least 7-10 other non-pork dishes there.
  14. AvsKick21

    Using a Pacojet

    I'm pretty sure they only have glucose syrup? ← If your still looking for it, you should be able to get dextrose powder from any nutrition/supplement store that caters to the bodybuilding crowd.
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