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  1. Just wondering if anyone else has had a chance to try this place? my wife is vegetarian and their menu seems good but of course, good menu doesn't automatically equal good food...
  2. Went to Vin recently and it was the best meal my wife and I have enjoyed since moving to the triangle from socal.
  3. Sounds great! let us know when you've opened because I, for one, will definitely be checking it out.
  4. I just went there this weekend with my wife and brother in law who was in town for business. The decor is very nice if you like someplace that is modern without being harsh and I personally thought the ambience was good as well. The wait staff was friendly and service was very prompt without being obtrusive. So it had the beginnings of a great dining experience. The food however was just average. The cerviche was serviceable but the fish was chewy. I've always liked my cerviche to have more the consistency of sashimi so I found the chewiness fairly unpleasant. I ordered the corn encrusted salmon which sounded interesting and the dish wasn't bad but I found the fish to be dry.. In retrospect, I should've known better than to order salmon, I find cooked salmon to rarely be a good fish but the preparation seemed unique and I wanted to try it. My brother in law ordered the young goat and it was very tender but the piece of meat was the vertebral column and a rib. very little actual meat and mostly ligaments and bone. Overall, I doubt I will go back. While the service and decor were good, the most important part, the food, was lacking for my taste. It may be that I just dont like the kind of food they offer...
  5. Salsas had very good food which some rather unique combinations of ingredients. Run by the same chef as Zambra so i would expect that place to be good too and plan on checking Zambra out next time im in asheville. Check out the laughing seed on wall street if you want to try some veggie cuisine. personally i thought early girl eatery was better than tupulo honey cafe for breakfast but both were good.
  6. well, went and ate at chai's this weekend and was pleasantly surprised. its a nice simple noodle shop. the noodles tasted good, the place was nice and clean, the people friendly and the prices were very reasonable. not someplace to go if you want to "go out" but if you want a nice place to go grab a casual bite, i think its a great choice. definitely will go back. thanks for the recommendation detlefchef
  7. ill definitely have to check those out. and ill be looking for grasshopper maybe you can come give me some recommendations when i come out there? :)
  8. thanks for the tips everyone, i'll check them out and report back. i did find that triangle veggie society website and they recommended sage cafe in chapel hill. which i must say was a disappointment. not to say it was bad, just that it was not anything special. the food was good but not inspiring and they were a bit overpriced in my opinion. maybe its because im a poor student but when i pay 13 dollars for a dish, i expect to get something special. when i pay like 9 dollars, i expect something decent. i'd say sage cafe should be charging more in the 9 dollar range... really, they should go check out laughing seed in asheville and figure out how a vegetarian restaurant should be.
  9. yes, tried penang and was not tremendously impressed. blue nile food was a bit bland. i agree that pao lim is good. as least as good as any other asian food i've found around here so far. will have to try out tallulah and go google that veggie site.. didn't even know there was a society here...
  10. Hello everyone. Stumbled onto this site while looking for a recipe for zucchini blossum fettacine (awesome pasta i had in some neighborhood cafe off the beaten path in rome a few years back). didn't find the recipe but found this very nice community of food lovers. anyway, i moved into the triangle 2 years ago from california and have been slowly checking out the restaurant scene here. its been slow going secondary to time and money constraints :) but am slowly getting a feel for the area. the culinary adventures are somewhat limited by the fact that my wife is vegetarian and that i'm mostly vegetarian (i'll eat meat but i prefer to eat vegetarian if the option is available). so far, we've found Udupi Cafe in Cary has a very good indian vegetarian buffet. Foster's Market in Durham is a nice lunch place. Nana's was good if a bit pricey but with limited option for veggies. Lime and Basil in Chapel hill was a bit disappointing to my wife for vegetarian pho. there has to be a good vegetarian pho place around here... haven't found good thai food yet. haven't even bothered to look for ethiopian cuisine (we've driven up to DC and found some good ethiopian food there but i'd be surprised to find any in a small market like the triangle). i was attributing the dearth of vegetarian options around raleigh durham to it being the south but our recent trip to asheville dispelled that notion. wow. that city is incredible for vegetarian food for its size. laughing seed was some of the best vegetarian food i've had. great fresh produce at early girl eatery. and salsa's had very inventive mexican food which was very fresh and tasty. in my experience, asheville far outstrips the triangle in terms of vegetarian cuisine. but i got to thinking.. how can a town with 10% of the population have more and better options? so i must be missing something. please tell me that there are many great restaurants that i've not heard of around the triangle that have good vegetarian choices. thanks to all that reply.
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