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  1. The main reason I like corkage policys it that I can 1) drink some older wine that has been in my cellar for a while so it is at optimal drinking age or 2) drink some of the small production wines that I own that just are not available on a wine list 3) drink wines that I just can't justify spending the cost off the wine list when I have some in the cellar I'm new to this board, but have known TJ and Fred for a while. We've shared many a fine bottle of wine (or 10 or 14) over nice meals in DC. There is nothing finer than getting together with a bunch of friends and fellow wine dorks over a great meal and tasting lots of extremely good wine. I'll never forget TJ and my son, with 6 glasses each in front of them, trading Monty Python quotes as they got happier and happier.
  2. I've always been a big fan of Wheaton for dining, but it is just a little too far for everyday for me. Ruan Thai is my favorite Thai restaurant in the DC area. Admittedly a hole in the wall and getting a little shop worn, but the food is wonderful. I especially like the smokey tasting eggplant salad. I usually order a whole fish in hot sauce since I love the spicy food. Ferdinand's is not bad, but is mainly a place to take the in-laws since my father in law loves being able to order liver. Sabang is lots of fun, though it is not as good as it used to be. I love the whole fish in Kalio sauce. They make some great soups as specials too. Good Fortune is one of my favorite places for dim sum, especially on Sundays when the selection is huge. but it gets very crowded. Los Chorros is a favorite for Central American food (not the usual Tex/Mex). Love the salsa, the portions are a large, and the prices are low. Nam's was always a favorite for Vietnamese food. Great spring rolls, the seafood is always a good choice, and the pho is not bad.
  3. I won't address Joe H's comments since I haven't ever ordered the pallea. However we took my son to Taberna del Alabardero for his birthday dinner. Took a 2002 Ramey Carnaros Chard and a 2002 Radio-Coteau Hellenthal PN with us so I didn't spend a lot of time looking at the wine list, but is is extensive (and expensive) with a lot of Spanish wine featured. We shared a glass of the R-C with David Bueno (the somm.) of course. We started with appetizers, asparagas with Italian cheeses for my wife, escargot for my son, and grilled octopus with sauted potatoes and carmalized onions for me. All were delishious, perfectly cooked and beautifully presented. We opened the wines upon arrival, but the R-C still didn't get more than 45 minutes open before we started drinking it. They put the Ramey on ice for us when they opened it. The Hellenthal went wonderfully with the entrees, veal cheeks for the wife, a huge (22 oz, perfectly cooked) ribeye for the boy and wild boar osso buco for me. When we sat down, David Bueno kept looking at our son but didn't say anything (even though he wasn't our server, he did stop by often to make sure we had everything ok and to pour the wine.) My wife and I figured that he was trying to figure out if he was old enough to share the wine (he isn't but of course he does) Then he brought three sets of glasses, a chard and a burg glass each, and opened the wines. When we ordered dessert, they brought out an extra for our son on a plate with Happy Birthday written in chocolate on it. We hadn't said anything about it being his birthday, but David said he had overheard that we were celebrating the birthday so the dessert on the house. Service was everything one could ask for. Not obtrusive but always there at exactly the right time to refill water glasses, the bread basket, pour the wine, etc. The server was informative, helpful, frieny and very efficient.
  4. What wine store is the best depends a lot on what you are looking for. If you just want a regular bottle of wine, Total is fine. If you are looking for older wines, or rarer wines, McArthur's or Schneiders are very good. At least in DC you don't have to put up with the crap that you have to put up with in Montgomery County. My favorite DC wine stores are, in no particular order: Schneiders McArthur's Potomac Wine and Spirits (when I am looking for Kosher wine for Passover) Bell Circle In Virginia I like Arrowine
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