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  1. I'm a culinary management trainee for a large hotel. I'm about half way through my program. Which means I pretty much do everything that everyone else doesn't want to do. I've been filling for all the sous chef's while they take vacation. What do I do on my days off? Usually, cook a homemade meal for myself, yes I cook:) Do laundry, sleep, sometimes work on projects for work. Nothing too exciting. Occasionaly all us trainees go out for dinner, show, or some event in the city.
  2. Hello Fellow Egulleter's, I too just returned from the forum and championship. What can I say, the whole experience was fabulous. This was my first year attending so I was really blown away to see so many talented Pastry Chefs in one place. It was really cool to have everyone at the JW including the chef's. I didn't stay at the JW but just to walk around the hotel in the morning and catch the chef's at Starbuck's was really cool. I noticed Stephan Glacier and En-Ming enjoying their coffee one morning before class. Or my personal favorite, Jacques Torres serving salad at the buffet line at
  3. They are very similar to the standard rice crispy squares, but in a spheroid shape, and come in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors. ← Neil, WOW , after viewing all your pictures I'm seriously thinking of moving to Vegas next year. Are there any job openings in the Pastry Shop at the Belligio? How do you like your job, and the people you work with? What kind of befits do you get at the hotel? Also is your hotel union? Thanks, Jen
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