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  1. Are you serious? Could they not have given it a better name? It would be like calling Sean's retaurants Fiction , Fiction (#2) and Fiction (#3). Let's hope they come up with something better, It's a great spot.
  2. What a lovely response Neil! I must be blind, I didn't come across your $35 menu, Thank you for all the info I'm glad to see everyone is going to more than 1 restaurant. As to all the distress over Lumiere being sold out, I think Irish girl is right about saving all the stress about going there while Dine out is going on, I would rather take my time enjoying the meal than feel hurried out the door because the staff under the gun!
  3. I have been quite absent for while but with the flurry of Dine Out, time had to be made! I am quite sure that the Top Table group is participating this year as their menus are posted on the Tourism Vancouver site. Am I 100% correct, I hope so. With Neil stating that he has an additional $35 menu makes me wonder! Neil??
  4. Just a thought for a upcoming burger gathering! Argo Cafe at 2nd and Ontario! I have tried tons of burger shops in Vancouver and Argo is my best find so far! For $6 you can have a fully loaded burger and fries. Only problem is, they are closed Sunday and Mondays. So that may not work for the club, but if anybody gets the chance to swing in there, you won't be sorry.
  5. There are so many great Chef's in Vancouver that its hard to pick just one. So here are my top three. Morgan Lechner - Kettle of Fish The most down to earth, un-pretentious Chef I have ever met. Morgan and his team always are the most inviting, funny and ultimate hosts. Michael Knowlson- Sequoia Grill At the Wedgewood and now Sequoia Grill. Michael has my vote for the most underrated Chef in this city. Brilliant every time. Marc-André Choquette - Lumière 14 years in the kitchen, he is the hardest working dedicated Chef in the city. Rob your lucky to have him!
  6. I had the chance last week to wander into NU (thinking it was already open due to the amount of people), and was very impressed with the hostess. She offered a menu that I could take with me. In following conversations around the city, I was pleased that there is much excitement about NU opening. As the menu is still in my purse, I have been showing your menu to every one that is curious. Again I would like to thank Leonard and Harry for the sneak peak after the excellent C Sustainability Luncheon and look forward to my first visit to NU.
  7. Actually the drive is really not that bad anymore, I just took a trip with my kids at the end of July and went camping. They have done tons of work to the roads and other then the hike in parking fees for Pacific Rim, It was great. SOBO was excellent and honestly the best place to eat. We tried other restaurants and found it all very bland and expensive. When I figure out how to post pictures I will add the pic of my killer fish taco! awesome! Have a great trip
  8. Macha


    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on excellent places to eat while we are heading up to Tofino this weekend to enjoy Long Beach and area, that doesn't break the bank. We are going to try and check out Glow in Nanaimo while we are briefly visiting and raid Coombs market as well. But other than those two places, I'm at a loss. Any thoughts?
  9. (In deep announcer voice) The Future of Cuisine can be found here at Future Shop. Damn that's not bad. I think I'll run for Feenie's manager position. ← You guys are killing me thank you edited for clarification: rolling on the ground laughing until it hurts, thank you again!
  10. A group of my friends and I started my birthday evening at Stella’s on the 2nd and it was an interesting evening. I had to remind everyone that they had only been open for 1 week and they like any new restaurant, they had to iron out the kinks mainly in regards to service. The variety of drinks was refreshing and the food was very good. I started with the beef carpaccio, then moved to the pan seared calamari with capers and olives but was surprised with very large squid tubes instead of the whole calamari. The PEI mussels were awesome and the aioli that came with the fries was absolutely amazing, best I have had in the city so far. I look forward to returning.
  11. I agree!!!!! I haven't found any restaurant that does H&C as awesome as Uncle Herbert’s. I have always dragged people out to Ladner because I'm never disappointed and I insist that they are the best in BC.
  12. Wow, I have to agree," that was the most impressive meal and service I have ever experienced." Thank you to Jamie and Leonard for finding a space for me to attend at such short notice. The panel was terrific and very informative; I look forward to working with them in the near future. I hope the slow roasted pork shoulder is on the menu as all I have been doing is raving about it and all the terrific plates we were served. I look forward to my next visit to C. It was very nice to put faces to all of your names, thank you, it was a pleasure. Macha
  13. I believe Rob Feenie does off site catering events for private funtions
  14. It is situational, I was one of those Veggie people for 8 years and I took myself on a trip to NY. I had to see everything and was always starving because " Really" "I can see the empire state building, it can't be that far to walk” Hotdog stands saved me from starving and saved my wallet too. They were quite good, but nothing like the pretzels with mustard... Sorry off topic I don't think many people would seek out hotdogs other than ballgames which give you the 3 condiment options..... Golf courses??? You mean the little sandwich shops halfway through the course?? See: " Ball game hotdogs above" Thanks but I’ll stick to the vendors with the olives and mayo, pickles etc........ that may or may not keep their fingers outside their nostrils yuk
  15. Hi Jen I would have to agree about the dogs on Broadway, But now I am going to have to try the stand by the Wedgewood. I have found the guys up at Georgia and Granville who have been there forever, serve a pretty good dog as well.
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