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  1. Wow- I just returned from Az, and dined on both Thursday, and Friday at Eliot's restaurant. The food was beyond amazing, and I was able between the two nights to eat most of the menu. it is also very affordable as is the wine. On Friday we brought my boyfriends client and his wife. The wife at the end of dinner said it was the best restautrant she had ever been to in Arizona. They returned on Saturday night with two other couples for a party of 6. He said that if they are this busy now then come winter you won't be able to get in so he wants to become a regular. His wife sent out an e-mail bla
  2. RC, Sorry for the typo...What I mean by Outback level (which is another great VALUE dining spot) is that the quality of the meat is not of the Prime grade. If you are used to eating Snake River Farms Wagyu meat at Per Se and then you eat a $14.95 Filet or whatever at El Corral then the difference in meat quality can be jarring. If he has limited meals while in Tucson then I do not think that would be a place to recommend. I feel that based on what he is used to dining-wise that will be a hokey experience for him. There are other places that are unique to Tucson that the quality of the c
  3. U.E., I understand completely a spot does not have to be ritzy to be good. As far as El Corral, the quality of the meat, IMO, is around the Outback level. El Torero is definitely in that category. What I mean by pedestrian is that they are owned by a restaurant group that seems to tailor their offerings to "safe" cuisine. Look at their menus, I do not think you will find anything unique in there. There are neat breakfast spots in Tucson and some of them have been covered in the threads. Hel313
  4. I thought the new chef at Loew's was the Executive Chef of the property not of the restaurant?
  5. RC, You did give nice choices to dine while in Tucson, but U.E. has exposure to national and international dining so some of those I feel will be a grave disappointment to him. El Corral- I like that salad and if you are speaking of VALUE dining then you are dead on, but the meat served is not of the Prime grade. Bistro Zin and Wildflower are somewhat pedastrian Terra Cotta because it gets so much press...why...don't you think the food has not been the same since it relocated to its new location El Torero was my go to choice for that style of mexican eats...chimis' and enchiladas at a r
  6. Molto E, My parents took me to Jamin for my graduation. I must try the Mansion, the pics are fabulous. H
  7. I LOVE this place!!!!!!! The owner Justina is a trip, she never stops moving. The food is great, LOVE THOSE GREEN BEANS ALSO. I really like to go for lunch and I usually get the spicy thai beef salad.
  8. Robert, You worked at the Inn at Little Washington in the mid 90's, so you would know the kitchen of Chef Patrick O'Connell. As you know from being in the business people come and go all the time and the next great Chef steps in. Chef Binkley is a great talent and Chef O'Connell recognized that. Have you eaten at Binkley's? It is great!
  9. Lactic-way to go! I guess you forgot how much you liked Moto. Did inventolux turn you down for a job or stage?
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