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  1. I think the Bowman rum is sourced from DDL in Guyana, is c memory serves me right. When I visited they were more than happy to share the info. Sure they would do the same with their vodka and gin.
  2. Moto


    I haven't made orgeat in a while but I saw this method for almond milk online and thought I would throw this into the mix. It recommends using almond butter and milk and putting them in the blender. I think upthread the idea to throw Almonds in a blender is put out there and this just makes it that much easier. You could take two tracks to orgeat. You could make the almond milk then put it on the stove top and add sugar etc. or you could add sugar syrup, rose water etc to the blender and then strain. It would probably be best best to use fresh ground almond butter which is fairly common in natural food stores. Almond milk
  3. Moto

    Black rum

    If you want samples of a range of mixing rums we could work something out. I could send you a bunch of samples such as Coruba, Hamilton, and many many more in exchange for you forwarding a bottle of UK rum of commensurate cost.
  4. I understand K & L will stop all interstate shipping at the end of the month. Call your state legislature so we can continue to get interesting wine and liquor by mail. Tell them this is not kids ordering liquor for Friday night parties.
  5. I would second the all metal boston shaker set. I think they are much easier to use than the glass and tin combo. I always got the glass stuck when trying the later. I'm in a control state too and I can find them pretty cheap(under $10) in restaurant supply stores. You may also want to consider buying 2 oz boston rounds from amazon and filling them with rum and bourbon selections form your own bar then buying minis of chartreuse, ginger liquor etc. You could then provide recipes for your friend. If you get the OXO measuring cup get the plastic one as it is much easier to see in poor light than the stainless steel.
  6. I riffed on Craig E's second pangram and subbed rum for rye. Eyes closed I would think it was Ardbeg or Laphroaig.
  7. Most recent arrivals. I only get to keep three(those on the left) of these since I split this shipment with someone else to keep shipping costs down. Not pictured is a Hamilton 9 yr CS that I reupped on my last time in DC.
  8. Astor has rum on sale today @ 15% off. May be a good time to grab the Rhum Rhum
  9. I have the 2012 Rhum Rhum bortled @ 45%. Can't say I'm a fan. It is well made but not to my taste. Lots of flavors reminiscent of green tea. The Lonecaner had a recent review of the 2015 and had high praise for the cask strength
  10. Picked up a few items while in Martinique. Great weather, great people, great beaches, beautiful landscape and magnificent rhum! In general these bottles were at least 1/3 of their cost in the U.S. I visited the gift shop of Dillon Rhum, toured the grounds of Habitation Clement and bought rhums in the grocery store. If your on the East Coast of the U.S. there are incredibly cheap fares to Martinique and Guadeloupe(sub $200). YOu can combine a winter getaway with some Rhum tourism!
  11. Heights Chateau on Atlantic. They also had some NY distilled rum but otherwise had nothing of interest. Also tried a shot of the Clement Homere at Mainson Premiere. It was just in an tumbler, not a glencairn, but it did nothing for me. Tried to get to Astor Wines as they seem to be restocking their upper end rums but time didn't allow. Where's your go to in DC lately?
  12. I picked this up while in New York(Brooklyn, to be exact) this past weekend. This has been in the shelf for a long time. I found it on the stores website at least two years ago. Since I am on a bit of a Caroni tear lately, this trip to NYC was the perfect chance to pick this one up. I hope it was on the shelf due to placement on a high shelf or unfamiliarity, not because it does not taste good. This particular bottling was finished in a Madeira cask. This appears to have been part of a line of wine cask finished rums that came out before the Renegade line. The Renegade line had a similar line up of wine finished Rum but was in nicer bottles and much pricier.
  13. Plus one on Rafa's combo of smokey spirits and eau de vie. One of my favorite combinations is Mezcal and apple brandy. The smell alone is enthralling enough.
  14. The Islay finish so far is interesting. I think this will be a bottle that get better as it empties. I've had two small glasses so far and it's opened up slowly but surely with each glass. My first glass had a really muted nose and basic but refined agricole rum taste and a quick shot of smoke on the finish. Second glass, I got a very light Islay note of smoke on the nose.The weird thing about tasting it is no(none,zilch) Islay notes come through until the finish but when they come, they come strong. I get some smoke, ash, orange and lemon mixed with a light rummy note. An hour later I could still taste the smoke.
  15. It was bottled by Moon Imports @ 45%. Hope to crack it open in the next week or so.
  16. Newest Rum delivery. Another Caroni, a Monymusk Jamaican and an Agricole aged in an Islay Cask
  17. Once you go Agricole Blanc you never go back! The 50% abv for these is the important part. You get the funk and grassiness to come through and it just makes the daiquiri an amazing drink. My preference is for La Favorite so far. Plantation 3 Star works good as well.
  18. Or four imported bottles of 18 year old full proof Caroni, three French hens, two turtledoves and ...
  19. Yep. I usually hit Ace but this one has been on my radar for months. Unfortunately, I didn't snag it while it was on sale but trying the European bottling has made me willing to take the risk. JNW - when you get it open definitely report back
  20. New in my cabinet is the Rattray Caroni. 18 year old Neisson? How is that baby? Would you swap a sample of that liquid gold?
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