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  1. We ate at Alexander's last night. The steak was amazing, I had the dry aged t-bone, but my friend splurged and got the kobe ny cut. It looked delicious. I have pictures up here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mjwiacek/sets...57594570050328/

    The cotton candy is complimentary, but the real star of dessert was the deconstructed inside out root beer float. It was to die for. My only comment is that I wish it had more of the ice cream with it. :-)

  2. So unfortunately I presently know very little about wine. Tomorrow we are going up to Bouchon in Yountville for a group dinner. Last time we got wine from their list, but this time I'm thinking about taking my own up. I'll be able to get a few bottles fro the price of one there. So with that said, I plan on having the steak frites. Anyone care to make any suggestions? Something in the 30-40 dollar/bottle range would be fine. I think last time I had Domain of Usseglio - Châteauneuf du Pape 2003 Rouge. It was delicious, if I can find it locally I may even pick up another bottle. Anyone have any suggestions?

  3. The show that was on yesterday showed them taking baked cakes out of the oven; I noticed in the first set of shows they didn't let any film of the actual cake preparation (mixing, scaling, baking, making buttercream) into the show; but this last episode showed them making cake batter.  And I don't remember seeing a walkin at all!!!  I wonder when stuff goes on the "done rack" how long it stays there before it goes out the door...

    So I asked him this when he was doing ours. It takes sometimes a few days to do a cake. However, once the fondant is over it, the cake can sit out for quite a while without spoiling.

  4. I love the show.  It just started airing recently on FTVCanada. 

    tmgrobyn, I couldn't agree with you more.  Even though he (and the crew) create cakes that I'll never be able to create, there's still a lot that I can identify with.  Bubbe talking him into baking all those cookies that he doesn't usually do?  Scrambling to get the cakes delivered - in one piece - on time.  Supplier shorting you during your busiest week of the summer?  Haven't we all been there?

    I do wonder why he seems to have an aversion to cake boxes..

    ghost - Have any pictures of the cake?  And I'm really curious - how do his cakes taste? I mean, we know they look fantastic - but do they taste as great as they look?

    The cake was delicious. We were pretty standard on flavors with lemon pound cake and white chocolate raspberry. I only wish we weren't so hurried on our wedding day so I could have enjoyed it a bit more. But Duff is awesome, he's is definitely the same person in real life that he is on tv. He's a blast!

    Here is a picture of our cake: http://www.charmcitycakes.com/images/gallery/elegant_50.jpg

  5. Someone was watching Iron Chef America tonight and saw a McDonalds logo flash up for exactly one frame.  Check it out on You Tube:

    So this is definitely for real.  I just watched the 12 AM west coast airing of ICA.  I have it on my DVR, and the 1 frame of the McDonalds logo is definitely in there.  That's  just pathetic.

    Gee--It's on "Youtube" it has to be true!

    I got really suspicious when reading the that the guy who "discovered" this corporate brainwashing thought--"isn't that the McDonald's logo." As the hidden message flashed.

    basically if he "saw" it --well--it wasn;t subliminal then is it?

    Really--I smell a hoax. I would suggest that those who are so concerned --contact the Network, McDonald's and the FCC.

    Heh, no hoax, I swear I saw it for myself. I can use my camera and make a video of it showing on my TV because I have it on my DVR. The youtube clip is unedited and shows it exactly as it happened. If you want to catch it for yourself, it shows after the verdict is anounced and while Alton Brown is giving his final wrap up on the battle. If you don't have a DVR, watch closely and you'll see it flash up for a split second. :-)

  6. Unbelievable.  I mean, I believe that it actually happened, but it just boggles my mind that the Golden Arches are in bed with the Food Network like this. 

    Unless this is some production or editing tech's  idea of a practical joke... which is entirely possible.

    Watched the Youtube clip. Please, this is a poor attempt at video editing. Anyone here with a DVR or TIVO can review frame by frame to disprove it. Didn't happen

    No, it's for real. I saw the you tube link, and then I watched the 12 AM west coast rebroadcast of ICA. I have comcast and their DVR. And there it was, it's totally real. :-/

  7. Someone was watching Iron Chef America tonight and saw a McDonalds logo flash up for exactly one frame. Check it out on You Tube:

    So this is definitely for real. I just watched the 12 AM west coast airing of ICA. I have it on my DVR, and the 1 frame of the McDonalds logo is definitely in there. That's just pathetic.

  8. Duff did our wedding cake in December of 2005. We chose him to do our wedding cake just after he filmed his very first Food Network competition but 9 months before it aired. After our wedding we noticed he was on many more food network challenges. I asked him how long before he got his own show, he laughed and said, "It's called Ace of Cakes and starts this summer." Duff is a great guy. And we totally lucked out by getting him to do our cake before he was famous :-) I bet we wouldn't get in the door now for what our budget allowed.

  9. I have been in the mood for trying to make my own ketchup. Anyone recommend any recipes? I know there are tons available online, but a recommendation would be a good place to start.

  10. The electrocution of the turkeys on the episode that aired tonight was quite interesting. I figured they wouldn't show it in the US, but they did. It's important for people to at least see what happens to their food before it arrives at the grocery store. Simply seeing it done makes me respect it all the more.

  11. Hi everyone, I'm in Newport Beach on business for a few days and was looking for a good place to do dinner tonight and tomorrow? Something casual but good. I'm down from Silicon Valley, and basically just have a pair of jeans and polo shirts. So nothing that would require nicer clothes than that. :-) Any suggestions are most welcome! Cheers :-)

  12. OK.  Here's a scoop. 

    Someone I know is a make-up artist for the show, and she said that they are heading off to Hawaii in November for filming.  They'll be based at the Hilton Waikoloa.

    So the season isn't completely filmed yet? I would have imagined that everything excep maybe the last episode was in the can.

  13. Maybe I'm just a bad person. But if I was running a kitchen, and a purveoyr dropped off 2 cases of something instead of one, and I didn't get charged for it, I'd probably keep my mouth shut. I've worked in enough kitchens to know that most suppliers will take any chance they can to give you what someone else didn't want or to squeeze some extra pennies out of ya. It's a dog eat dog industry. The so called "Top Chef" should be prepared for that. :-D

  14. this had better be the real deal!  my husband and i live on stevens creek blvd...we're always complaining about not having ny style pizza...

    thanks for the tip.  man, i miss new york.

    (but not the weather, thank you very much  :raz: )

    Definitely post if you go! They even make real NY Sicilian style pizza. Dead ringer for any Ray's you'd find in Manhattan. :-) Delicious!

  15. Hey all, I moved out to the Bay area from NJ about 5 months ago. Ever since getting out here I've been in NYC style pizza withdraw. The other day I stopped by a new pizzeria in San Jose that sells perfect NY style street pizza, even by the slice if you want. The pizza maker is from Philly, and worked in NY and in NJ. As a former east coast resident, I'll swear this is some of the best NY style pizza I've ever had. Definitely check it out if you've been craving a slice of home!

    A Slice of NY (www.asliceofny.com)

    3443 Stevens Creek Blvd., San Jose, CA (between Winchester and San Tomas)

    The owners Kirk and Marguerite are really nice and passionate about pizza. Let me know if you stop by!

  16. So Gordon Ramsay's new show, "The F Word," premiered tonight on BBC America. I think I really like it. It shows him cooking stuff thats possible to do at home, but requires a definite skill and shows technique more so than recipes. Anyone else catch it?

  17. ya think?  i think sometimes it is worth it, if the slop is satisfying a deeper urge than just hunger or aesthetic enjoyment.  a place like lorenzo's means more than just crappy pizza to a lot of people.  it's about memories of hanging out down on south st as a teen, shopping in fun stores, listening to music, underage drinking, scoping out potential hookups, just generally posing and fronting and showing off and whatnot.  youth, trendiness, hipsterism, and big sloppy overly sweet slices from lorenzos, sometimes wrapped around a jim's steak if you're feeling ambitious.

    so yeah, it's not about the pizza quality, it's about the whole scene, and about being young.  if you didn't hang around on south street growing up, though, i can see how that would be lost on you. 

    but don't tell me you don't have any craptacular places from when you were growing up that still hold a place in your heart despite their suckiness.


  18. I am miffed at anyone's enjoyment of this sloppy version of pizza.  I guess it tastes OK after a night of heavy drinking/clubbing/debauchery, but you couldn't make me buy a slice sober.

    As much as I will make authentic DOC pizza or have the elite pizza of lombardis and tacconelli's, this greasy pie still has a place on my palate. For all the fine dining I might experience, sometimes a nice greasy piece of lorenzo's just hits the spot. :-)

    But I must say a friend of mine was friends with the owner of Mama Palmas, and they have one of my favorite pies in philly. Actually thats some of the best pizza I've had anywhere.

  19. So having moved from Philly to the SF Bay Area, I really miss my Lorenzo's pizza on south street. I know, I grew up and spent 21 years in port richmond, only 5 blocks from Tacconelli's, but Lorenzo's is still my favorite. Anyone know or have an idea of what they do to get such a sweet sauce? I was never sure if it was the cheese they used, or the sauce, or a combination of both. If anyone has any ideas, I'd be up for trying it! Thanks!

  20. I'm currently in Honolulu at Waikiki Beach. I'm here on my honeymoon and I nor my wife have ever been here before. Anyone care to give me a list of good places to eat? A few fine dining and more casual dinig establishments would be great. We have a car so we can drive around a bit. There is only so much hotel food a palate can take before it shuts down.

    Also, I've never had sushi before, I know its sad, but I've never had it. I figure an island in the middle of the Pacific is a great place to start. Any sushi recommendations for a beginner?? ;-)


  21. I believe the filters you are looking for are made by 3M and go under the brand name Filtrete. These filters look JUST like the ones he used in the show, but they are expensive... like 10 bucks a piece.

  22. And if you are familiar with the names involved, (or more than any two of them), Get a ****ing Life!

    SB (or mercifully put an end to the life you have) :laugh:

    Fortunately, I was familiar with precisely two of these "celebs," so I guess my life just ducks under the wire.

    This show was appallingly pointless (I had it on in the background whilst doing some real cooking of my own). I mean, what is the supposed attraction in seeing what a group of morons can absorb from "real" chefs? (Who are the two who aren't Puck anyway?) The whole thing reeks of being pitched to the network execs because "it'll be really really cheap," from Thicke on down.

    What a sad waste of lobster & gelato.

    I have no idea who the other guy is... but the girl is Cat Cora. She's one of FN's Iron Chefs.

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