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  1. I love both IMBC and SMBC.... but both dont hold up well with the heat here in Manila. Does anyone have suggestions on what kind of icing would work better in warm weather (something similar to IM and SM)? Wasn't there are recipe in the cake bible that's supposed to hold up better in warm places? Dee... i also wanted to ask... you mentioned that you freeze your lemon curd. How do you store them? Does it change texture at all when you bring it out from the freezer? Thanks. Judy
  2. Here's the cake i made (tweaked double choc cake recipe)... the crumbs are really tight and it didn't seem to rise that well... what am i doing wrong? A bit rubbery too. Do you think the oil content is too high (used yoghurt plus the butter and oil)... or should i have tried the creaming method? Hope someone could enlighten me on this. I iced it with almond IMBC and choc. caramel ganache with hazelnut praline. Although it tasted quite nice in the end, i still have not made a chocolate cake with a texture that i am happy with. Help please...
  3. Ling, I made a copy of your recipe yesterday and the moment my husband saw it, his eyes lightened up and said "Oh i want those!!!"... A batch is in my oven now so i could present it to him tomorrow for father's day. I'm sure it would make his day. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Judy
  4. I've eaten a number of times at Cyma (Shangrila branch) and most of the time, as you said, the restaurant was packed. I guess people are drawn to it because this is one of the first upscale Greek restaurants that opened in Manila so most are curious to see what they have to offer. I've tried their lamb chops and they're tender and moist with a very nice grilled taste.... one of the best i've tasted. They also have a signature dessert with some liquor in it (just slipped my mind what it was called) .... where the waiters would ignite the booze and in unison, shout "Hoppa!" (or something that sounded like that) as they served it the dessert to the eager wide-eyed customers.
  5. My father is from Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija and he grew up eating "buro".... their vesion of this wet salted fish is a light color pink. It smells really funky but i always end up eating more of everything, especally rice when we have this as a side dish.
  6. I am excited to try this recipe too.... but i do not have a food processor. Do you think the texture will be grainy if i just use my KA with the paddle attachment? Thanks.
  7. Hi! I tried the latest version of the Double Chocolate Cake recipe (by whitetrufflegirl) and it came out a bit rubbery... i still want to try it again because i love the intense chocolate flavor. What am i doing wrong with it coming out a bit rubbery? I made sure to not overmix. I also want to try the creaming method.... hope you could give me directions on how to do that too. Thanks! Judy
  8. JudyPH

    Baking 101

    I have a question.... i am opening a cake shop soon.... will be making mostly wedding cakes. I don't have formal culinary training so i think this may be a dumb question. What kind of oven should i use? Gas, convection or digital? (hope i posted this in the right section
  9. actually, i'm making cakes now from my home kitchen and i'm kind of insecure that i may not have all the "professional" stuff that a commercial kitchen should have. you can see my work at www.thecakeartist.ph Judy
  10. To shop owners here.... i was wondering if you have a list of equipment, supplies and tools needed for baking and cake decorating. I need to build a completely new kitchen that would primarily be used in making coffee shop cakes and birthday/wedding cakes. An overseas investor is interested in bringing my business abroad and they need me to send an inventory list asap so that we could do initial costings. Hope you can share your list with me.... or is there a list i could check online? Thanks! Judy
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