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  1. hello all, i just moved to the milwaukee area from the land of italian food-new jersey. anyway, my wife and i have been touring the town and have dined at some wonderful locations but are always looking for new spots. its a weekend ritual since we have no kids love to hear some suggestions, reviews, hidden jems...anything related to wines and dining thanks in advance, tom
  2. hello kiddies, im a new trasport from nj to wisc. tell me some great dining placs to hit up. help a lil man out... im game for anything good,fast and fun...seafood, we all hang after but lucky for us...god bless the midwest (wow am i buzzd trypin)
  3. ill play too.... 4 people buffet please rods, morristown-no seating avail grain house @ old mill inne-no seating avail other thoughts?
  4. sorry for the delay, the wines range the whole spectrum. the owner will have a constant revolving inventory. by the glass there are 3 price ranges, if i recall correctly 650, 9, and 1150 i believe or very close to that. give it a try and judge for yourself, we enjoyed the "newcomer" to the area and the staff is very friendly but still learning. pop in after work one night or maybe on the way home from dining somewhere else
  5. live around the corner and stumbled across it last night as being their unofficial opening night. as most people probably dont knonw where this is....across from the shop rite on north avenue in the townhouse development complex. its actually on the furthest corner going towards westfield. anyway, met the owner and a few of the staff. great time, great place and sure to be a hit in this locale. as a non-professional wine conosuer (sp?) the selection was great and you can pick a bottle off the wall at retail price (not restaurant retail) and for a $15 corkage fee sit and enjoy your find. they have a great lil bar menu ranging from a cheese plate to a filet mignon ($20)...but again, i stress bar menu. it is not even remotely billed as a "restaurant" if youre in the area, give it and try and enjoy...hopefully like we did
  7. MARTINI bar has died out over the years. fri and sat nights during the winter are usually crowded but i recall for years when you couldnt get in the door b/c it was so crowded. its probably time for a makeover and rename
  8. really? been there quite often for the past 5-6 yrs and never saw one....saw queen latifah once but
  9. well, im going to go out on a limb and recommend rich ceceres jazz club in monclair. we enjoyed the food but the show and music made it worth it all. sorry its not private though love amandas though too
  10. wow, this was one of our next "Tries"
  11. there is a small stop and shop in westfield which was barely hanging on but the super stop and shop 6-7 miles away in watchung has a fabulous seafood counter
  12. anything good going on? anyone have some exciting plans? we usually get a group and do a night at the woodbridge sheraton but the price jumped $100 and some people cant swing it thinking of just doing a nice dinner with a cozy bar....
  13. couldnt get in to david drakes but its local so ill try another day ended up at frog and the peach. gourgeous place, never would have believed it was there if not for the navigation. i had fresh mozzarella gnochi in truffle sauce-very good but the sauce didnt coat the gnochi at all and the taste was wasted my wife had a salad-nothing special i had pork chops for the entree and she had a fish dish... i cant think right now b/c im so hungry but it was pretty good. not great, but better than good. i will def. go back as i think the less than perfect meal was due to the holiday and a late seating.
  14. thank you...awesome info!! im thinking david drake, copeland or serenade any opinions?
  15. im surprised i dont see more "special" menus but has anyone seen anything going on? im willing to drive some but mainly central/north jersey please our family doesnt do anything on the eve so ill be out with the wife for a romantic night....
  16. anyone been? thoughts? likes/dislikes thanks in advance... (heard that south city grille is opening a steak house too called PRIME where bellisimos is now)
  17. honestly, its my opinion that holiday dining(valentines, new years, etc) does not bring out the finest in a restaurant and we are looking for the finest in david drakes. we also now are very interested to try daryls wine bar in n.b. stage house was average, we had never been there and wanted to try the restaurant just based on reviews of old. realistically, it was a $39 dinner. turkey and mashed potatoes cant be dressed up too much
  18. we were going to david drakes but changed to make a reservation at stage house. why does it seem so cheap though???
  19. love the praises b/c our wedding is there in 2 months...although we have long loved the food, view and atmosphere too
  20. yes, i did not get the full scoop but a good friend is related to rich and he is very minimally there
  21. my friend michelle works there if you see her say hi....
  22. there has to be someone local..always make friends with a local when in the caribbean (that contact would come in handy now)
  23. used to be one in springfield on 22 and they closed years ago....soup and potato pancakes were incredible
  24. I know the food at highlawn is excellent but we are getting married there in sept and so glad to hear this about the wedding dining. we all know as stated it can be less than desirable at other places. macalusos was a great wedding with an incredible cocktail hour...hats off
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