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  1. bloody hell, john. this must have been your utopia.
  2. simply brilliant and envy worthy... First foie gras and now venison... God help the next animal on the Death List.
  3. congrats to bresca!! Boston Globe - "A Chef's Vision Become's a Tiny Treasure of a Restaurant" By Jonathan Levitt, Globe Correspondent | August 15, 2007 Bresca, 11 Middle St., Portland, Maine, 207-772-1004
  4. K.Hortons sells some wonderful raw goat cheeses, cryosealed, and priced around $4...perfectly sized to throw in your bag to snack on. you could get bread @ big sky.... drinks @ the beverage shop... they have some very nice import brews.
  5. i believe that there is also a small garage slightly behind it... and a few public lots on free street..
  6. big sky was the place right by the entrance if you came in closer to congress street.. if you came in off cumberland, then hortons was closer...
  7. ...not because I'm "as French as the Durkee Onions on green bean casserole"...but that's a different story)...mmmmm......green bean casserole." HA!
  8. honey's place has been out of business since 4/30..
  9. i believe it's right next to the usm dorm on congress street...
  10. ate there a few months back and had a great meal..
  11. If you do a search, you may be able to find the review from mainetoday.com and thephoenix.com.
  12. Best to make the reservations as soon as you've decided about it, Halcyon.. I know it fills up on weekends. Phenom, there is a place up on Munjoy Hill called Cafe Lola, they have tapas and the owners/staff have worked @ Street and Co./Fore Str. and it comes highly recommended. It's located @ 100 Congress St. and I would definately make reservations as it's a smaller venue and is very popular on the weekend.
  13. I would put Cinque Terre up there, also, halcyon... www.cinqueterreonline.com
  14. went down rt. 1 yesterday and had some nice full bellied clams @ the cape nedick lobster pound. probably some of the best I've had in the area.
  15. Yosaku is wonderful and johnnyd is the local knowledge guy, so you can't go wrong
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