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  1. We just had a very good lunch of fried calamari, and fried cod, along with potatoes at la Escollara in Estepona. I knew if we had this we wouldn't be able to eat anything else. Most other patrons, mostly Spanish, had 3 or 4 plates a piece. I did manage to add a crema catalana glace...flan in an ice cream form. ;-) btw, this restaurant now takes credit cards but still has the simple atmosphere.
  2. Haha, thanks for the offer. I'm sure I'd love to say Masa, or even oversee the sunset at Perry Street. But I'm a low-key person, and a broke one at that. I'd just love a great spot to coddle my thoughts, people-watch, nibble, and draw out good, strong coffee or espresso for as long as possible. For one. ← Have a great day Melissa!
  3. Thanks Beto. I'm in the mood for one of those mushroom sammies right now as the rain pours down. I've had them while my other half eats a cholesterol laden omlette across the way. Chacun a son gout or all tastes catered to under the JFX. Is the Caribbean lady back? Since I have a grandson soccer game in McLean midday, I may venture into DC or Takoma finally for a change of venue. It's hard with the known good competeing with the unkown good. Such riches! Maureen
  4. Any updates here? Himself and I will be out there the last week in June with a car so anything outside of Park City is also appreciated. Can you get NM style chile (green and/or red) flavor food commonly in Utah? I'm open to most any suggestions, even meat and taters. Maureen
  5. MsAzadi

    Dinner! 2007

    Just a short hello to say thank you for more dinner inspiration. (Nice to see you Ann T and glad you have a wider audience for your beautiful food and photos. I was reading from the bottom up - most recent backwards i.e. and when I saw the lamb, it was Aha! Ann!!!) No dinner chez nous tonight but as always, dinners of others do look sooo good. Maureen
  6. MsAzadi

    Rita's Ices

    Ok, now that Rita season is on for this year, anyone have a new favorite? I haven't been to a Ritas yet in 2007 but gimme a coconut ice, and I'm happy.
  7. MsAzadi

    DC's Dead Restaurants

    Wonderful thread. Ah some of those old hs and college meal memories. Roma, Au Pied (much later in life) and one or two that are still here. Billy Martin's - after a Guiness and oyster stew, my boyfriend proposed. I got the ring back in the car back in the days when parking was not much of an issue. (ok, 1965...) I had my first Zombie at some bar near the intersection of Georgia Ave and Military Road. My first and last. But is there anyone old enough or who has done enough research to remember the seafood restaurants along the then un-gentrified Maine Avenue? One had rumbuns that you got while you waited, but one had a dining room upstairs that you reached by walking a long steep staircase. Well in my memory it was because I went there after my First Communion at Holy Comforter Church( now Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian) in SE. Hogates was one restaurant but I don't recall which. And another memory that surprised me to still exist is Normadie Farm Normadie Farm. I won points with the aforementioned boyfriend who dropped his sugar packet into his coffe, and looked at it with horror. I didn't miss a beat in the conversation and picked it out with my dainty little fingers and handed him another. As the years went by, I became less forgiving and eventually he became the ex-husband. I do recall that driving to Potomac from Hyattsville/College Park felt like a trip to the back of beyond - or as my ex-mil used to say, "out where God don't know nobody". In Potomac, I doubt that was true... And one that is kind of a precursor to current food, the old Alamo on Kenilworth Avenue. Who knew that years later it would be the grandmother of all the Hispanic eateries round there? A friend of a friend opened it, and it was just amazing to have Mexican food in those days. Again, who knew...
  8. MsAzadi

    Best Ethiopian in DC?

    Just looked at the "Abiti Restaurant" website and it goes on my list of 'try soon' places. Thanks for that suggestion. Maureen
  9. Well we have had some pretty cool weather lately. I was at the AA Co farmers' market in Annapolis two weeks ago (the Opening??) but just needed to talk to someone and made a quick dash in and out..well a few plants later that is. I have been amazed that no one is/has been selling eggs at this market. I hope to get up to the Baltimore UnderTheJFX one this week or next. Any reports on this one this year??? Maureen
  10. MsAzadi

    Christmas en Croute

    That is a lovely story Maggie, and incentive for me to try a tourtiere in the New Year. I was an exchange student in Quebec City years and years ago, but only in the summer so I've never actually eaten this. I have another cooking friend who shows us her pictures of tourtiere every year, and I vow to make one in the hopefully cold months ahead.
  11. Thank you for a very inspiring travelogue Megan. My dear husband and I will be in Prague this Saturday and look forward to having cold enough weather to take advantage of that 'solid' food. We too are going to the opera...Sicilian Vespers, which is a new one for us. Maureen
  12. MsAzadi

    Vienna Dining

    Lots of good suggestions so thank you all for them. Dear husband and I will be in Vienna for three days (Dec 12-14) and have musical evenings for two of the three days. What I'm looking for is good 'ordinary' food we can walk off before an opera or ballet, then follow up with a lush dessert post music. Neither of us drink, nor smoke, but are looking for some nice atmosphere in which to consume sugar Any rec's for dessert near the State Opera and near the Mozart House? And lunch suggestions would help too. We are expecting a lot more cold than we are used to and so this is one time we'd be as happier with hearty rather than cutting edge. Thanks in advance! Maureen
  13. If you drive down to the Oyster Festival in St. Mary's, keep an eye out for places along the way that may have their own Oyster Roast. That, to me, is an oyster at perfection. Just popped open and eaten on the half shell when it's brisk outside. Oh that is heaven...
  14. I just had a birthday dinner at O'Learys and it is as good as I always remembered. Three of our party had the salmon, and I went to town with three appetizers as an entree. The portions seemed just the right size for our group...we had no leftovers. My only complaint is the noise...we were in the room to the left and the decibel level got high. Some of that of course depends on the people present while you eat...some people get increasingly noisey as the evening progresses, some don't. O'Learys is my fav Annapolis restaurant, tho I will throw a plug in for Chris's Charcoal Pit out on West Street. It is one of our fav (cash only) basic Greek places for a simple quick Friday supper. One chicken gyro, one Athenian delight platter and we share the platter fries.
  15. Bavila, thanks for the information about the local CSA. I had tried to find one a couple of years ago, and could only find NoVA or DC pickups. I wonder if you have ever found a beef seller – noting that the CSA’s family raises cattle. Btw, could you update your link to the CoolGreens article from the Cap? The link is broken. Usually, I go to the Sunday Baltimore FM under the JFX. I’m happy with the selection and the prices, and usually stockpile a couple of things like peas. They compete with NM chiles that we brought back from Hatch last year in the freezer. I occasionally go to the Saturday market but the neighborhood can be iffy at times. I got to the FM in Falls Church last week for the first time, and found prices about 50cents higher than Balt or Annapolis. It does make sense that a seller will get the price she can for what she sells. Same as gas… I think our prices in Annapolis are quite good, tho I am not looking for strict organic either. I’m sure that would be different. Maureen