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  1. The improvised wet bulb thermometer on 1-322 is described as having the thermometer probe wrapped in cheesecloth, but the picture on the bottom right of the page seems to show the probe inserted in a blue sponge. Does anyone have experience with using an improvised wet bulb thermometer? Did you use cheesecloth or a sponge? Thank you.
  2. Has anyone tried to season a wok with a blowtorch? While I seem to have achieved the desired oxidation at the base of my wok, the sides do not seem to be seasoned.
  3. [Moderator's note: this continues the conversation from Sous Vide: Recipes, Techniques & Equipment, 2006-2007.] Hi all, I was hoping someone could help me with three (somewhat unrelated) questions. 1) I've been using a dutch oven, flame tamer and thermometer for my water bath for the last couple of years, but I finally got a proper immersion circulator from PolyScience. They offer a protective cage so that the heating element does not come in contact with the bags - how important is this? I'm generally doing shorter (3 hour or less) periods of cooking at low temp (<145F). Can FoodSaver bags melt if they come in contact with the heating element? 2) What is the optimal vessel for these clamp-on circulation units? I have a 12-quart stock pot, though it doesn't leave much room for bags. Are there other vessels people are using besides larger stockpots (my small NYC apartment is at maximum stockpot capacity). 3) I am going to cook duck breasts this weekend, and will crisp the skin using the baking sheet - silpat - oven method. Once the skin is crisp, how long can it sit, and what is the best way to reheat? Thank you in advance, and thank you to everyone for all of the exceptionally usefull information in this thread. Best, Andrew
  4. Hi everyone. I have a question regarding seasoning items for sous vide cooking. I am planning on cooking small boneless leg-of-lamb roasts based on the time and temperature charts posted in this topic. For leg of lamb I typically use a rosemary-thyme-garlic-lemon-olive oil paste and roast, but I'm worried that such a paste would be overpowering using sous vide. Any guidelines for general seasoning or lamb specifically? Also, if anyone has any experience with boneless leg-of-lamb and sous vide, your comments would be appreciated. Thank you.
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