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  1. We love Grizzly Tuna! They now serve fish tacos on the weekends also. 🏖
  2. There are some great wineries in Lodi! Klinker Brick is one to check out. Have a meal at Wine & Roses. 🍷
  3. Where did you end up? Napa Rose and Catal in Downtown Disney are both very good, my favorite is Napa Rose.
  4. We dined at Little Bird a few months ago and loved it! Definitely make a reservation there. We also love their sister restaurant, Le Pigeon where we have dined several times.
  5. We loved our meal at Blue Duck Tavern, swanky place in the Hyatt with outstanding food. I had the whole fish which was interesting in presentation and absolutely delicious. The apple pie for dessert did not disappoint. Our other meal in DC was at Flume @ the Jefferson Hotel, it is now my second fave all-time restaurant with Le Bernardin moving into 1st place. It is over the top wonderful, service is impeccable, the food amazing and the ambiance is very formal and elegant. The Crab Risotto for $34 was perfect. Enjoy your time DC, it's such an amazing city!
  6. We're back and NYC was even more amazing than I imagined it to be. We dined at Cafe Boulud the first night, a very busy cafe with excellent food and service. We had the Clam Chowder, I had a Veal entree that was amazing and a very good salad. The next night was Le Bernardin which is now my favorite all-time restaurant. I was lucky enough to get a photo with Eric back in the kitchen and he signed my menu, very cool! We chose Esca for our third dinner before the Lion King show, I had a Kampachi appetizer and the served pair my meal with a great white wine from Italy. The Rockfish was excellent, another very busy and buzzy NYC eatery. We had lunch at Katz Deli one day and I got my true NYC diner experience there. Excellent Pastrami sandwich and we had the Chocolate Cheesecake for dessert. Also stopped by Magnolia Bakery for a slice of Red Velvet Cake, very yummy. We had a very elegant breakfast at The Plaza where we stayed for 3 nights, I believe it was in the Oak Room there, it was upstairs. The Brioche French Toast stuffed with Pineapple and a Mango Syrup was fantastic, you feel like royalty dining there and staying there. My first visit to NYC was perfect and I can't wait to return again to hit some places we missed during our short stay there.
  7. We dined at Aqua Terra in Annapolis last night, great place and I had the Blue Crab crab cakes for the first time. Very good! Today we dined at the Crab Claw, I loved the views of Chesapeake Bay from the dining room. It was rainy all day today here in Maryland, I really enjoyed the clam chowder and the guys from the table next to us offered us one of their whole crabs, that was really fun to eat, also. So far, the highlight of our trip has been our meal at Bartlett Pear Inn (formerly Inn @ Easton.) This place totally rocks and the food was very innovative. Cauliflower soup with risotto and foie gras, a chilled tomato salad that was beautiful upon presentation and very yummy, I had the Rockfish with Swiss Chard was amazing, the chocolate souffle for dessert was perfectly prepared and drizzled with a basil sauce. Ambiance is very romantic, service was friendly and very attentive. I see this place going places fast, it has only been open for 5 weeks, next door to Mason's. I love Maryland and can't wait to try some more new places tomorrow. I'll report back then! t
  8. nbaines, thanks for the report on Le Bernadin, we are expecting great things! In the meantime, we have been enjoying some great food in Maryland in the St. Michaels and Eaton areas. I'll report over on that forum about our meals there.
  9. Oops, sorry, it's Plume and is located in the Jefferson Hotel in DC. The concierge at the Sofitel said it was wonderful and gets good reviews on opentable, I'll report back after we dine there.
  10. I enjoyed reading about the Smith Island Cake, Maryland's official dessert as of just last year, very cool! Does anyone know of a restaurant in Easton or St. Michaels that serves this? I must try it!
  11. Thank you, I called Minetta and we could get a 5:30 reservation but that is a bit early since we are arriving on the train from DC the day we want to dine there. I'm going to go with Cafe Boulud, I'll report back on how we like it after we dine there. I know New York is going to be awesome!
  12. Hello East Coast people! We are coming to the East Coast for the first time. I would like opinions on Aqua Terra in Annapolis, Bartlett Pear Inn and Mason in Easton and Blue Duck Tavern and Flume in Washington DC. Also, any good suggestions for places in St. Michaels to sample some good Maryland crab cakes and clam chowder. All opinions welcomed, and thank you!
  13. Thank you everyone! I would like opinions on Cafe Boulud and Minetta Tavern.
  14. Thanks for the report on Marea, we were considering this restaurant for one of our 3 dinners in the city.
  15. Thanks everyone! I have some great suggestions. Now I just need one dinner on a Sunday night, any opinions on Gramercy Tavern or ONe of By Land, Two If By Sea? Also, where is the best steak in NYC?
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