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  1. Can't wait to try it! Can you recommend a (Mexican) lunch spot that I try when I go down there? cburnsi
  2. I think if I was entertaining that many youngish men I would opt for Joey's at Lake Union Good looking waitstaff and a veiw of lake union - but I believe they are based in Canada. I wouldn't go to Matt's even though the food and the view are great, I've found with groups that the menu is too small. If its an expense acct dinner I'd consider Daniel's or the Waterfront. Otherwise I like Dahlia or Union. cburnsi
  3. Whenever I look in the window at the SouthCenter costco their sushi robot is going like crazy, in fact I think I've seen it in other Costco's too.... cburnsi
  4. The worst etiquette! (answering my own post) Sorry I spoke to the owner's son (who runs the restaraunt in Bellevue) and he confirms that Med Kitchen in Seattle has closed as of a week ago yesterday. This seriously bums me out, but I can understand people wanting to retire - especially from this industry cburnsi
  5. Has anyone heard if Mediterranean Kitchen on lower Queen Anne has closed? CitySearch has a big *CLOSED* next to their name. I tried to call but no one answers, ths isn't unusual as they haven't been open for lunch for a while (and its lucky to get someone to answer during regular hours )
  6. Does anyone know what is going in to the old "Q" space on Queen Anne? I noticed a liquor license in the window yesterday but as I was driving (and there was no place to park) I couldn't check it out. cburnsi
  7. Nice write-up cburnsi. Tell me about the chefs there, where were they before? ← I understand that it is Tyler Anderson formerly of The Rainier Club and Andrew Leonard in the kitchen. I ordered the tenderloin there over the weekend and although I didn't taste the flavors of France, Burma or Morocco it was perfectly done. cburnsi
  8. I went to the pre-opening party at Opal on the top of Queen Anne last night. This is the new 'world cuisine' place owned by Orrapin (of the Thai restaurant of the same name next door). I believe the menu is going to be mostly organic and local and the preps are taken from various places in her travels. I have guardedly high hopes; the space is beautiful and the menu looks intriguing. On the top of the hill we have lots of good restaurants but I'm excited to have a good 'nice' restaurant with a bar and space to be social (Portage is nice but too small). Unfortunately I didn't get much food (my fault) - too much conversation. I did have some excellent (and warm) bread and three kinds of tapenade; each was unique in color, texture and taste - it was a lovely combo and I hope it is presented that way on the menu. The most surprising to me was a tray that was being passed with what looked like (at first glance) your basic skewered meat appetizer - the meat turned out to be pork, but some of the most tender and juicy I can ever remember being offered in this format (on a stick that is) - and it had a beautifully roasted garlic bulb on the tip. The flavors were Chinese which further surprised me. What I did have plenty of was the signature cocktail - the Opal Martini. Yum. It was tart and sweet but not too much of either - I'm not big into sweet drinks). Someone told me it had gin, vodka and casis...I'm going to have to go back and investigate. Luckily I live close enough to walk . Opening this weekend. Also on Queen Anne: Betty looks ready to open; that is the second location for the owners of Crow, located in the old Gorditos space. Julia's has got to be close to opening as well - although I had heard they were scheduled for January . It looks like everything is in place and the most recent rumor I've heard has them opening the first week in May -I'm sure they line for breakfast will be amazing every weekend in May! best, CBurnsi
  9. Checked out the market today. They're still not very well stocked with Asian groceries though (couldn't find duck legs, lup cheong or dried shiitake mushrooms). I think the Asian food selection is bound to get better gradually as they phase out most of the Larry's stuff. There are 2 features that are very very good for now, though: their bakery and their take out counter. They have baked hom bow, lotus seed and red bean buns, coconut pineapple buns and other Chinese goodies (in their display case, not prepackaged like at the Edmonds 99 Ranch Market, and fairly inexpensive---the BBQ pork hom bows are only $1.00 a piece) and some really delicious looking cakes (I especially liked the looks of the mango cake). Their hot food counter has an amazing number of choices (better selection that most Chinese deli counters, including the one in the food court at Uwajimaya and 99 Ranch). Besides the usual Chinese takeout stuff and the char siu, roast pork, and roast duck (they even had a whole roasted pig's head today), they have some fairly hard to find menu items like kau yuk. Their plate lunch prices are reasonable too ($3.99-4.99). I didn't want to buy a whole plate lunch, I was only interested in the kau yuk, so I bought a side order of it (about 1/2 lb that only cost $1.99). Since I live in the general neighborhood, I'm going to keep my eye on this place to see if they do really fill up the rest of the empty shelves with more Asian goodies over time. Miulang ← I went on Sunday. It was the first time I remember seeing chicken feet in a deli/takeout counter in the US. I had some very good hot and sour soup from the takeout and found a large variety of tofu (yes even several kinds of soft tofu), including fresh. cburnsi
  10. I found cocoa nibs fairly regularly at Peet's Coffee in Fremont, Queen Anne Met Market and Pasta and Co.
  11. ← I regularly buy soft tofu and hadn't realized it was a problem to find - both Safeway and Met Market on Queen Anne have at least medium and usually soft tofu. cburnsi
  12. The Okonomiyaki isn't bad at Daimonji - and it is the only place I know of around here to get it . We pass on the 'house' version and order our own. Daimonji is in a strip mall on Corson in the Georgetown neighborhood.
  13. I had read up on them but had been sticking to restaurants that had a website where I could check out their menu and also provided an e-mail that I could contact them with. I noted that they did have a great happy hour there though and they would have been a definite contender if we were going to go someplace. I may still give them a call though and see what they've got on offer since the location is good for us if we need to do a pick up. ← Tia Lou's is decent and I've seen bridal parties parting there before, but if you are catering I would choose Cactus everytime. Another option would be Mission if they would cater and deliver - here's a link to a review.
  14. Are we talking about the Cascade store?! ← Yes, the Cascade WF opened last Wednesday. Ling, have you been using the Met Market on the top of Queen Anne - or the new one in the old Larry's Market?
  15. Hey, I noticed they were offering bahn mi a while back! I like their food but we always forget to go there. Can you talk about this some more? What do they offer? How much are they? I think it would take a lot to convince me to go there for a sandwich rather than wander a couple of blocks further down to Baguette Box... Speaking of Baguette Box, does anyone else remember the pork confit sandwich they had for a very short time? I daydream about that sandwich. --Ben ← Also on Baguette Box, any word on the opening in Fremont?
  16. This makes me so happy! I can't beleive I missed that in the paper, I remember reading the rest of the article. They must be a bit behind. The article says they were going to try to open in October. thinking of truffled fries with my favorite (Major D) coffee. cburnsi
  17. I was a big fan of Fatburger when there were just a handful in SoCal. It was the first burger I had that included a fried egg and relish. (I used to tip the cashier to make my fried egg extra runny ) I was extremely excited when they opened one up here in Bellevue. Unfortunately, I found that the memory was far greater than the real thing. I found the one I tried up here to be no better than any average burger. I'll have to try one again when I'm back in SoCal. So I'll have to stand by my old favorite In-N-Out as the best fast food burger I've had. Although a Carl's Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburger comes in a close second! I can't wait to try Taylor's Refresher in SF and Burgerville in Portland! ← I was just at Taylor's last week. The burger was great and the fries were good, but the truely memorable thing for me was the mango shake that was the special that day. Wow! What a shake. cburnsi
  18. I've always had good luck with brisket at A&J meats on Queen Anne Ave, plus their peppered bacon is fabulous cburnsi
  19. And the pickled asparagus? That isn't something I automatically would associate with Washington. Is there a story here? cburnsi
  20. It's too bad about the food at China Gate. This is a great example of the difference on a Sunday. The place is full of Asian families, both eating and waiting to eat. The kitchen is sending out food as fast as they can, everything is fresh fresh fresh. And there is more variety than you can count. If you are in the neighborhood on a Sunday around noon, you should just pop your head in and see what I mean. Where are you off to next? cburnsi
  21. Bummer, sorry you didn't get the rice. It really is a great dish. It is on their regular chinese menu, but it is sometimes difficult to get understood. Fukien rice is a great dish but difficult to find. We found it in a Hong Kong Dim Sum place by pointing at someone else's table "what is it called?" we inquired. The response was something that surprised us, but then we figured out he was really saying "Fukien Rice" , as in that part of China. It is a type of fried rice really, the rice itself is the simpliest of fried rices with just egg in it I believe. The interesting part is the top which is all the parts that could be in a complicated fried rice, plus gravy! I always thought this was a way to use up leftovers - it has a little duck, a little fish, a little shell fish, mushrooms, peas and who knows what else -all in this remarkable dark gravy (definetly more a gravy than a sauce). At China Gate (which is the most reliable place we have found it in Seattle) as in Hong Kong, it is served in a Pyrex pie dish. cburnsi
  22. Dim Sum is a traditional place/meal for after church on Sunday(at least for families I know), you will find Sunday Dim Sum more crowded and with more variety than any other day of the week, even Saturday. I would be surprised if Dim Sum restaurants in San Francisco, Oakland and Seattle at least, don't do at least 30% more business on Sunday than on Saturday and substantially more than on weekdays or evenings. This turnover means the food is always fresh and hot, even on the carts. There are many things that are offered on Sunday that are probably not even supplied for on any other day, this is especially true if you are ordering off the carts - you will see better than twice the variety on a Sunday. In restaurants such as Jade Garden, China Gate, Imperial Garden, Noble Court and Jeem the larger Sunday selection is very apparent, its not that there is anything missing on the weekdays - there are just more and more exciting things on Sunday and to a lesser extent on Saturday. I'd be interested in hearing what Brian thinks of the Fukien Rice at China Gate and how it compares to what you get in HK, and in general his opinion of Jeem - if you get to the east side. cburnsi
  23. From what I read in the PI, I'm looking forward to the new incarnation. Tilth
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