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  1. I agree, love the photos - keep them coming - a pictures is a great addition to a thousand words...and it IS convenient to have the resto name in the title. yplady
  2. I'm well overdue to respond here - we had a lovely lunch at Hostellerie Jerome, although the four of us became distracted by the 110 euro menu and chose that over the 60 euro menu. After an hour or so visiting the Trophee des Alpes, we had worked up an appetite, so we settled in for a leisurely afternoon of fabulous food. I was quite surprised that we were practically the only ones there (one other couple) - between the film festival and the Grand Prix, I would have thought it fully booked. I was just along for the ride in terms of wine; we had a very nice Bandol rosè and a very interesting dessert wine - don't believe it was a sauterne, but that's not very helpful, is it??? Thanks again for the recommendation - it was definitely the finest meal of the trip this year, and we hope to go back there again next year. yplady
  3. This recommendation sounds perfect - friends have wanted to go to La Turbie for years...just wrote for lunch reservations for 23 mai - hope they can accommodate us. Thanks so much. yplady
  4. Just as well, there's an exhibition in Paris and quite a bit would be there! yplady
  5. There's a terrific little pizzeria in Eze sur Mer right across from the train station. In Monaco, La Strega has great food & pizza (in La Condamine, near the Tulip Hotel) and Pizzeria Monegasque is always reliable - also in La Condamine. yplady
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