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  1. You can try the Asian & Oriental School of Catering just off Hoxton Square. They have a kitchen on the first floor that they use for teaching and don't imagine they use it at weekends. I think Damien Nolan is the main guy there still. I am afraid I don't have the number.
  2. Wonder if Sheila's Wheels offer third party insurance for any restaurant promotions that do more harm than good?
  3. Tony Tobin's Post restaurant in Surrey has come up with a couple of truly deperate ideas for an evening's "entertainment". Can things be really THAT bad? Ready Steady Cook, annoying singers from a TV ad or stay at home to make sure the paint dries evenly? What's the worst idea any of you have seen?
  4. Has anyone received their copy of Harden's 2008 yet?
  5. Following on from last year's winners, Arbutus, The Westerly has won the excellence award in the Harden's UK Restaurant Guide 2008. There seems to be a swing to the more informal style establishment which, I have to say, is my preference. Good article in today's Times Harden's Winners I remember Jay gave it a very good write up a few months ago. egullet favourite El Gato Negro is a regional winner as well.
  6. A different view... http://www.chiswickw4.com/default.asp?sect...ault.asp?site=1 If the above does not work go to www.chiswickw4.com and the Forum section
  7. Just seen this and tried the Guinness Marmite at the weekend. I did not realise it was so rare until I was told it should not have been opened but hey ho. My dad got it in the local Tesco - Stratford Upon Avon. It was more bitter than normal marmite, otrherwise, not much difference. I would say more of an adult version. At work so need to go so no more details - sorry.
  8. I remember an old Floyd on Oz programme where he strapped a steak to an engine of a farmer's 4x4. By the time said farmer had rounded up the livestock in the vehicle the steak was cooked. Can't remember how it turned out though, but have a feeling it was not good.
  9. Ambition, belief and standards. Good luck Simon.
  10. The Lock Dining Bar in Tottenham of all places and by far. Look behind the hype of Arbutus (prices up, seating times - 2 things they stated would never happen) and you can appreciate somewhere that set out to do what it claims and continues to do so.
  11. And can anyone tell me if there are any good ones in Antwerp?
  12. Thanks guys. I remember Mju and Gavroche doing something as one offs but The White Horse is a new one to me. Had a look at their site and the range of beers is awesome - thanks bakerestates. I'll be there for sure. Pretty sure it's not the one I was thinking of - still have a bee in my bonnet about a City bierkeller!
  13. I hope someone can help. I am sure that I have seen a place in London (maybe the City) that does an excellent range of beers and will match them to items on the menu. I thought it was a bierkeller somewhere but cannot think. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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