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  1. I have been to B & B and a few others, and in my respectful view, Bartolota at the Wynn is very good. Emphasis on seafood, but they also have great pasta.
  2. B&B was pretty good, the servers told us that the menu is "peasant" style, not sure what that means but there are some very different cuts of meat on the menu. We tried lamb's tongue. To be honest, for Italian, we were really impressed by Bartollota at the Wynn. We had an amazing meal there last year. Lotus of Siam was great, and much easier on the pocketbook than the strip. Thanks for all your recs.
  3. Flying out on Friday. The Cdn dollar is in nice shape vis a vis the greenback, so I will be living large. The itinerary is revised to dinners at B&B, Morel's and Lotus of Siam, breakfast at Lou's Diner on Decatur. And the Peppermill. We're renting a Mustang, which is not much more money than taking a few taxi rides so we will be mobile. A trip to BBQ Galore and Lee's Discount Liquor may be in order.
  4. Has anyone been to either of the Mario Batali restaurants in the Ventetian / Palazzo? Heading to LV at the end of April and thinking about trying one out. Also on the list is In n Out Burger, cocktails at the Peppermill for the old school vibe, breakfast at Bouchon, and the 9 steakhouse at the Palms (because we will be there for a concert).
  5. Susur Lee has a very nicely designed book, "Susur", that came out a year or two ago. From Vancouver, Rob Feenie's first book "Lumiere" is an excellent cookbook. It was originally published about 8 years ago as a hardcover, but is now available in paperback. What are you looking for? Cookbooks that showcase Canadian cuisine (whatever that may be), or good cookbooks that happen to be written by Canadians?
  6. Wow man, you have done a lot of culinary travelling in the last year. I went to Paris shortly after your write up last year and hit up L'ami Jean based on your your photo of the rice pudding! For good cocktails with great food, I would recommend Boneta which has a very interesting and adventurous drink menu and very good food in a slightly edgy part of town (but not too far from downtown, where you are staying). Another good choice in this category is Nu, which has a great room overlooking the water and is walking distance from Robson.
  7. Yes, the one on 41st and Knight will still be open. It is Main Street's loss.
  8. Duffin's Donuts on Main Street is closing at the end of November. Rest in Peace.
  9. This butcher shop is sweet. They dry age steaks for 30 days. I went tonight and got some beautiful hanger steak. Took it home, grilled it a couple of minutes on each side, melted a little butter over the top. Must be in the top ten steaks I have ever taken home from a butcher. They have duck legs, terrines, really nice beef and lamb. Every time I have been in the butcher has given some of his time to talk about the product and the best ways to cook it. The place is a mad house at lunch when the sandwich crowd is lined up out the door. The trick is to sneak in after work when it is nice and quiet.
  10. I made a dish like this not long ago, from the French Laundry cookbook. I dumbed it down a little, using chicken stock rather than the duck stock that I believe the recipe called for. It turned out pretty cool, and the corn sauce was simple, sweet and really good. The portion was a little small for an entree, so if you are doing this as an entree I would serve two or three pieces together rather than the way I did it below. Check it out:
  11. Thanks for the advice. Rather than pick one Mexican place, maybe I will just make a resolution to try a taco at every tacqueria we see while walking around town.
  12. On our trip to San Francisco this weekend, we have lined up a sampling of different food cultures: Italian at A16 Greek at Kokkari Vietnamese at Slanted Door Burmese (Myanmarian?) at Burma Superstar! Here is the rub: I would like to fit in a mexican lunch. Needing some advice on a Mexican spot. I don't mind if it is a hole in the wall, taco truck, or sit down restaurant, but we would like to go someplace authentic. We don't mind going a little out of the way, but we are staying downtown in Union Square without a rental car. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  13. A good spot for dim sum, not far from Chinatown, is Sun Sui Wah on Main Street. Easy to get to, just grab a bus in Chinatown on Main Street going south (Main #3) and get off at Main and 23rd. It is only about a five minute bus ride.
  14. Does anyone know a good source for bulk cheap hardwood, like hickory or apple, for smoking? There has to be a better alternative to paying 5 bucks for a small bag of hardwood chips at Home Depot.
  15. Thanks for the tips, maxmillan and sarensho... I will get to work and report back later with the results!
  16. I am in the middle of landscaping the backyard, and about to build a kitchen garden. Is it too late to plant a kitchen garden this season? I was thinking about some tomatoes, maybe some herbs... any advice for a novice gardener?
  17. It is really good. Never had Turkish food before this place, but now we go grab lunch there on a regular basis. This cafe may be one of the smallest restaurants in town. There are about half a dozen tables, set very close to each other.
  18. Nice work so far. I have a question. It looks like most of your "Michelin" meals were lunches. Did you go this way because it is less expensive than the dinner menu? I am planning a Paris trip for May, thinking about restaurants. The idea of a formal multi-course tasting menu in the middle of the afternoon is the not the way we usually eat, whether at home or travelling. Normally I would rather eat this way in the evening. Were the lunches a deliberate choice, or is it more common in Paris to eat this way?
  19. Hoping for a trip report... We are planning a trip in May, and thinking about the bistros and restaurants. Interested in hearing how your trip went.
  20. ^ I like the french toast banana bread at Seb's. Zuchinni Mama turned me on to it.
  21. ^ How did you like Jules' Bistro? The Sun gave it a good review this week.
  22. the g-man

    Dinner! 2007

    lambfries, those roasted meats look great. Can I ask what may be a dumb question - what is a "kurobuta" porkchop?
  23. the g-man

    Dinner! 2007

    Tuna Tartare: Crab cake: Braised Short Ribs:
  24. One that has not yet been mentioned yet is Vancouver's John Bishop, who has written a series of cookbooks using local ingredients. He is a pioneer in the Vancouver restaurant business and in the use of organic foods. His latest book, called Simply Bishop's, came out a few years ago and is excellent. The book focuses on local and seasonal. It is a very good for seeing what is available to cook with in this area, and he incluedes interesting write-ups with every recipe.
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