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  1. MichaelZ


    Wow! I also live just a few blocks from the Queen. I will definitely try Parkside soon.
  2. I understand exactly. Chin Chin may be my favorite Chinese restaurant, as well, but I don't think it is the best. It is just the one that I most enjoy, so I go there the most often. Plus, of course, it is the best Chinese restaurant within a few blocks of my office.
  3. I've been to Grand Sichuan House in Bay Ridge. It is good, but definitely a notch down from some of the others.
  4. Wu Liang Ye, on 48th between 5th and 6th Aves. merits inclusion on your list. I think that it is very good to excellent, highly consistent and an extraordinary alternative in the middle of Rockefeller Center. Despite the locale, the trek up the flight of stairs to the restaurant sorts out the "tourist" crowd, leaving some very serious diners, many of them Chinese businessmen. I think that their renditions of Dan Dan Noodles, razor clams, tea smoked duck, and wontons in hot sauce, among many others are the equal of the other first tier places. You do need a reservation at lunch, most days.
  5. Fish Tales, on Court St just below Bergen, in Cobble Hill is excellent. Always high quality and a good, if not great, variety of fresh fish. They also have good prepared soups and stocks, as well as crabcakes, etc. They are helpful with recipes, cooking times, etc. Very friendly, as well.
  6. I can only say that Allegretti was superb when we were there three weeks ago. A '"grown up" room, but with really good food and service. Cookshop, Red Cat and Trestle on Tenth are all good, for sure, but less sophisticated establishments.
  7. Pepolino is still good - very good - a warm and friendly place in a comfortably Tuscan way. I'm always surprised how much I spend there, but always feel satisfied and well treated.
  8. The netw edition of Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything" has just been released. I like the original very much, and am trying to figure out if the "upgrade" is a good idea. Any thoughts or specific knowledge?
  9. Julie Sahni. She would know or be able to do it. http://cookforfun.shawguides.com/juliesahn...findiancooking/ ← Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Can anyone recommend an Indian caterer or private chef for a lunch that we'll be hosting in mid-September? Thanks in advance.
  11. I was here last week for lunch after a long interval. The experience was perfect for a business lunch. Service, food and ambience were all just right. I'm not sure why I don't go to Solera more often, but will definitely be there again soon.
  12. MichaelZ


    The last time I was at Hearth (about a month ago) I wanted to ask Paul something and was told both he and Marco were full time at Insieme. ← That isn't right. I've seen Paul there within the last few weeks, and know tha Marco divides his time. The fact is that the Hearth kitchen runs smoothly in his absence, and Insieme is still the newer place with, I guess, a few more things to tinker with. I really love the quality and consistency of what Hearth's kitchen turns out.
  13. I have a new personal favorite - the version served at Insieme, Marco Canora & Paul Grieco's new place at Seventh Ave. & 51st. St. The flavors are intense, and run right through the dish, as if the pasta was cooked in the sauce. Really wonderful in a simple, classic way.
  14. MichaelZ

    River Cafe

    It's not just for tourists! It's true that, because the view is extraordinary, a lot of tourists go there, but it is a highly professional restaurant with food, service and general ambience of a first-tier place. It is much more like Gramercy Tavern than it is like Tavern on the Green. It has a real special occasion feel to it, whether you've come from close by (like me) or made it a true destination event. Go! I think you will have a fine time.
  15. We were in Chinatown yesterday, and I saw some healthy looking softshells in several markets on the south side of Canal St, just west of Mott/ east of Lafayette.
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