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  1. I never thought of that. I am so use to making IM buttercream. Maybe I'll give that a try. I was also thinking about a plain water /chocolate glaze. I am going to be printing out little logos on the edible icing on the computer to decorate them with.
  2. I was afraid the butter would melt in the heat.
  3. I am looking for a frosting for cupcakes that will not spoil or melt at a picnic . It need to hold up for several hours . I need it for this Sunday and I do not use the commercially made bakery sugar and grease stuff.
  4. Sounds Great! Thanks for your hard work in organizing it.
  5. I agree. More is better ,if you can swing it. I just did mini desserts for a BBQ party and I did 6 items.
  6. I was given a few flavors to try. The mint was the only one that was not bad. I agree that the raspberry was terrible..I will stay with the regular ones. The premium ones look nice but that's all. I passed them on to someone else to try.
  7. We just saw a TV add for Dacor.I feel like calling them again and telling them that instead of spending money on adds they should try to make their customers happy.Word of mouth is the best advertising. By the way we just ordered the Wolf Duel Fuel We are not even going to try to sell the Dacor. We are just letting them take it away.
  8. How strange. My Dacor duel fuel has been nothing short of a delight. I've had it for almost 4 years now. I have no experience with Wolfe, but what about a KA duel fuel or a GE duel fuel, both of which have had great reports. ← Since purchasing the Dacor (seven years ago), we understand there will be issues, but we have had problems from the start. We use the stove-and all our equipment- with care (we don't rest things on oven door, don't kick or slam the oven door, etc ). Soon after installation we serviced the burners and oven. Then three electronic read-outs have been replaced, oven door hinges replaced, and now broiler won't function properly. Oddly enough, when we purchased the stove we also bought Dacor convection electric double wall ovens and they are perfect. When we recently visited a top end appliance shop the Dacor rep was there and heard us complain to the salesman about our success with the wall ovens and disappointment with the stove. He hid and offered no help. I have sent my life as a salesman (successfully) and would welcome an opportunity to aid a customer--his behavior was deplorable. I guess you didn't expect this rant when you were kind enough to respond, but I think we have been fair to Dacor in our comments. I am editing this because I was stewing over the situation and just called Dacor customer service who said nothing can be done, "have a nice day". I realize that a company cannot guarantee a product forever, but clearly there were issues with this unit from inception and any accommodation would have been appreciated.
  9. We are going crazy trying to decide what to replace our 36"dacor duel fuel range with. The Dacor had been repaired so many that my husband want to get rid of it . It takes 45 minutes to heat the oven up to 350 because the ignitor on the broiler is going and you smell gas . We are looking at the Wolf. I do alot of baking so want a electric convection oven, but want gas burners. Would love some help and suggestions on this topic.
  10. We were just there the other day and it is still as great as ever. You can not beat the chili. The raspberry wings are a great app.
  11. Have you ever looked at American Chocolate Designs
  12. I will be in Omaha for the ICES convention and am looking for restaurant suggestions near the convention center and the Hilton.
  13. Try Alfie's Ristorante 101 Town Center Dr Warren 908-412-1555 Great food,service and atmosphere and it is a BYO
  14. When you eat a Napoleon you are suppose to lay it on it's side so all the filling does not squeeze out as you eat it.
  15. You can also find that coconut in stores that sell Indian Food. They sell several ones from coarse to fine.
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