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  1. You need a copy of A Food Lovers Guide to Paris by Patricia Wells ( Amazon should be able to fix you up with a copy ), if you have any worries/questions after perousing the best guide to eating in the French Capital then get back, but I seriously doubt you will have to. Good eating Phil
  2. Sorry for the double post. (Edited by Phil Laurie at 4:27 pm on Jan. 1, 2002)
  3. The best responce to harmonization, wether it is standards of mediocraty, EEC or Globalization is Local production. All eGulliters can encourage this, I was somewhat surprised to find Organic Onions from New Zealand and Turnips from Thialand in my local supermarket, the market for organic produce is becomming a department of the global economy. All the good of organic production is undone by the air miles, the temptation to buy these products is best resisted and local sources found. Of course local Organic produce would be preferrable, but this is not always the case . Farmers Markets are becoming ever more common and we do everyone a favour by seeking out these and other sources. We will be providing a counter weight, however minor, to a 'market' which is not quality concious. If producers are to be persuaded that quality pays then a market must be proved to exist.
  4. Speaking from Britain, it saddens me to see the Euro. Not because I want to preserve the past but becaise it represents the march of Globalisation, of which France is the premier resistor. Britain resists it for all the wrong reasons, nationalistic and zenophobic. It will be a victory for the International buisness men who more and more control our lives, those of us who want to live a more local/renuable existance will gain nothing. A farmer producing farmhouse cheese will gain nothing, but an international conglomerate will be able move its so called food more easily. It is not the end, to be sure, but not a step forward.
  5. I oonce came across a smoking dog in a country Pub, it had fallen asleep in front of a log fire and his long hair was singeing. I'm a none smoker aand am fore bans in places where Ihave no option but to go, such as work, however, Pubs/Restaurants are not compulsory, if you don't like it don't go there. For what its worth life is improved by both, although as Ihave said I have neither. Regards Phil
  6. Phil Laurie

    cooking in tagine

    I do not own a Tagine,I am waiting for Ms Right Tagine, it is perfectly possible to turn out excellent Tagines without one. Just as it is possible to make Couscous with an improvised Couscousier. Get to it ! Phil
  7. An Englishman, Scotsman and Irishman walk int a bar. The barman turns round and says ..... "this a joke or what ? A woman walks into a shop and asks for a large double entendre please. The shop keeper replies " hang on a minute madam and I'll give you one. Regards Phil
  8. So many options but heres a few : Samual Smith Old Brewery Bitter, Timothy Taylor Landlord, Black Sheep Bitter, Youngs Double Chocolate, anything from the Pitfield Brewery if you can find it, from the UK. From Belguim try Hoegarten, Rodenbach, Leffe, try lambic beers by Morte Subite, or an Abbey Beer by Orval. etc. From the US try Samual Adams, Brooklyn Lager, Steam. Of course if its hot or even if its not you could have a Heineken, and that would be fine too !
  9. I work nights and sometimes need something to send me off in the morning, I 've tried lots of things, but in the end a good Whiskey, any single malt, is the best. In winter I might warm it slightly. Boring, but it all depends on how good the Whisky is dosn't it ?
  10. The true glory of British food is Game - Pheasant, Partridge, Grouse, Venison and wild Salmon and Sea Trout.
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