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  1. Happy to hear you liked your visit overall. You had nice weather (under 100). But next time, write ahead. We can recommend much tastier, interesting and varied places in Phoenix, Sedona, and Wrinkle City. The Sun City area was rather limited and boring but now that Glendale has boomed due to the new arena and growth, it's a mecca. And even with your 5 & 10 yolds in tow, we could do a lot better than Jack inthe Box, McDonalds, Sts of NY and Macayo's.
  2. Romanelli's near the corner of 35th Avenue on Dunlap Avenue. It's 3437 W. Dunlap. The moment you walk in the door the smells will take you right back home! It's a typical east coast Italian deli with the meats and cheeses hanging from the ceiling and fresh and plentiful cases of all the Italian specialties. I go there frequently for their family made Italian sausage and my monthly chunk of Parmigiano-Reggiano. I'm sure their ricotta is good as well.
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