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  1. Don't they use a product like Instant Whip, Bettercream or Frostin' Pride? Those are all whipped icings.
  2. There is a possibility I can get a super clean Duke electric convection oven for a good price. I was hoping someone (or more than one) could give me some input on these. I believe it's a full sheet oven, don't have the model number yet. This would be used for baking cakes and cookies. Thanks!
  3. I think Food Network was started as an entertainment value, not necessarily for educational content. While you can pick up some little tricks here and there, the true foodie or chef wouldn't get much out of it. That's why the have the perky young girls( or large you know whats) as their main female hosts. They have the hip younger/cool guys to host many of the shows. While I for one, along with my family enjoy watching shows like Alton Brown "Good Eats" or "Secret Life of" or "Unwrapped", I am so happy to see the end of Emeril. He was just on too much. Now, if they'd only get rid of Rachel Ray and Paula Dean (yeeaaaaaaaahwwwwl) I am so sick of seeing Rachel Ray everywhere, not only on cracker boxes, but in the book stores and please, 4 or 5 shows on the same network? I almost never watch Food TV for that very reason. Oh and do you think Bobby Flay could scale back a bit too? It's the same thing on their challenges. You get tired of seeing the same competitors in the categories. I watch the cake challenges, well, because, I'm a caker, but we sometimes watch the BBQ ones. They need to bring in "new blood" on the challenges. But, on the flip side of that, they've made millionaires out of these people. And for the challenge winners, they've been able to bump their bottom line pricing to a little more just because they were on there. Great place for exposure. I'm not trying to bash Food TV, just airing my opinions. The former White House exec pastry chef kept calling Food TV as the comedy hour of food at the Oklahoma Sugar Show.
  4. Thanks! We've decided to submit the following two options to Amoretti. Hope some of you might be interested in competing. Pistachio - raspberry - white chocolate Cinnamon - hazelnut - cherry
  5. Thanks! Actually, we'll be getting the compounds for the flavors we choose for the competition. If there is a different combo that you'd rather see on here, by all means, please don't be shy! That's why I asked. I also agree that people don't go too outside the box with wedding cakes but we want to show them that they can and see the results can be a wonderful dessert to serve their guests.
  6. Well, it has more to do with a competition we're setting up in Cleveland for January of 2009. We want the tasting competition to be more complex than just a plain ol' chocolate cake. We did one this year and it was Chocolate Masterpieces, and only a few showed up and those who did were marked "average" by the judges. Figured if we had more input from a wide range of pastry chefs, we'd entice more competition and competitors. Amoretti will be supplying the flavor compounds to create the cakes and there is a possibility of the recipe being published by them or another source. I've been looking for that thread and I owe you a big THANK YOU for linking back to it. I knew there were more combos we weren't thinking about. As for the cherry replacement, what type of cherry would you be thinking about? There are so many to choose from, i.e., black, sour, marichino, choke, etc.
  7. Hmmm, the chili marshmallow does sound interesting! Thanks for your reply.
  8. If someone said "here's a list of flavor profiles, choose one to create a dessert cake (that would also stand up to wedding cake construction), with the possiblity of the recipe being published", which would you choose? Kahlua type (or crema di Kahlua), cinnamon, and hazelnut (or other type of nut) Creme Brulee, vanilla, cinnamon White chocolate, apricot, cinnamon Chai, chocolate and berry Coconut, latte, vanilla or english toffee Irish cream, white chocolate, marscapone pistachio, raspberry, white chocolate pumpkin, white chocolate, brandy green tea, nut (you choose), spice (again, you choosse) butter rum, caramel and pecans hot chocolate, marshmallow, cinnamon or gingerbread fig, pear, white chocolate Mint, irish cream, chocolate (or white chocolate) plum, chai (or other spice), white chocolate or zabaione pomegranate, lime, chocolate pomegranate, chocolate, orange pistachio, pomegranate, vanilla pomegranate, banana, cream cheese pom, banana, pistachio pom, pear, clove or these 2 flavor combos, where you could incorporate more imagination: fig and cardamom pistachio and raspberry pistachio and pomegranate apricot and black currant almond and black currant pear and chestnut fig and apricot hazelnut and cinnamon plum and chai
  9. atcake

    Divorce Cake?

    Here's a couple of funny ones: http://lmnop.blogs.com/lauren/images/11040...oakler_cake.jpg http://www.creativecakeshop.co.uk/Images/g...vorce_Large.jpg
  10. Well, I tried the cake again this morning and much to my surprise, the flavor didn't change at all, just mellowed a little bit. It's as though it hit maturity about 4 hours after cooling and held steady. The crumb stayed nice and tight, and did not turn rubbery or anything. It stayed incredibly moist and the flavor was definitely there. Just wanted a little more than a suggestion of the spices and I definitely hit it there. You can taste all the flavors individually as you move the cake through your mouth. It always surprises me to hear that cakes can sit for that long. I know a lot of types can last that long, but other than a fruit cake, I don't know that I'd want a cake that had been in the fridge or at room temp for that long. One thing I noticed too was, after icing the cake, you have a much shorter "shelf life" than uniced. There seems to be a chemical breakdown at the cake surface, where the icing meets the cake. Especially true of chocolate cake. Becomes almost a slime. I think that's more of the butter/oils breaking out of the icing, but it's still kind of gross looking. I've found this true with both scratch and doctored mixes. Anyone care to elaborate on that?
  11. Ok, so I did another run on the cake today. I upped my cocoa powder to 1/2 cup sifted into my dry ingredients and then steeped 1-1/2 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 tsp nutmeg in 1/2 cup melted butter. I reheated the coffee and poured the spiced butter into it and added 2 TBS of Amoretti's Cappucino/Tiramisu compound (slightly more than the original batch), and 1TBS Kahlua to the hot liquid. Let that all set while sifting out the dry ingredients. Mixed it all together and baked. The aroma was lovely. The whole kitchen smelled of cocoa and spices. The flavor was mild but noticeable when it came out of the oven and deepened slightly as it cooled. I let one sit on the counter and put one in the freezer. The one on the counter did deepen in flavor and the crumb was similar to a basic layer cake. The one in the freezer was pulled out and the crumb was nice and tight, almost like a pound cake. When you first bite into it, (it is still cold but not frozen) the flavor seems a little weaker, but as it moves through your mouth you can begin to pick up the subtle flavors. This is exactly the subtly that I was looking for. I'm going to let it come up to room temp and taste again. You can definitely taste all the flavors in the cake as they hit on different areas of the tongue. We'll see how it matures overnight and it if doesn't go weak or strong, this is the recipe I'm going to work with. Thanks for the help!
  12. I don't know either, but he seems to tolerate the evaporated cane juice in cereals and such, just as long as we don't over do it.
  13. Thanks for the input. I know, now that I wrote it down that it seemed silly. I only wanted a slight flavor of the cinnamon, but enough to be noticeable. I'll go higher and report back.
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