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  1. Has anyone been to this restaurant, which is on Rte 191, 1 and 1/2 miles south of Stroudsburg?. The ad makes it look appealing. Have heard -- from only one couple -- that the food was okay and rather pricey. Would be interested in other opinions. Thank you.
  2. Sorry, Herb. I guess I misread the contributor's name. Enjoy the day! Peter
  3. Thanks very much, Herb. I'll put it on my list for my next visit. Peter
  4. Thank you, Evan. Your 2 cents is worth a lot. We were just in Philadelphia and went to the new Striped Bass on Thursday night. It was far different from what I remember eight years ago, but very, very good. Delicious food. Beautiful Asian-inspired presentation. And attentive service. Not an intimate space, as you no doubt know, but quite glamorous and bustling, which pleases me. I detest restaurants that remind me of funeral homes. The concierge at the Westin, the next morning, told me about Lacroix, pointing out that he had been the chef at the Fountain, in the Four Seasons, I think. That made our friends skeptical, because on their last visit to the Fountain, they were disappointed -- and considerably poorer. Anyway, Lacroix sounds like it's worth a try. There seem to be quite a few good restaurants in Phildelphia, which we get to from time to time. We go more often to New York City. where I was born and lived most of my life. My personal favorite there -- for a variety of reasons -- is Le Bernardin. Thank you very much for your comments. Bon appetit. Peter
  5. Has anyone tried this restaurant? It was highly recommended by the concierge at the Westin Hotel. Thanks. paaly
  6. Thanks very much. We may go with a small group (six) after a matinee, in January (but after drinks somewhere else). I'm afraid some in the group may be leery of goat and tripe but there seem to be other familiar choices. It LOOKS great!
  7. I can recommend White Horse Tavern, the Black Pearl, La Petite Auberge and Scales and Shells. WHT & BP insist on coats for gentlemen, which is a nuisance when you're traveling by boat and want to minimize packing. Both provide somewhat grungy coats off the peg. WHT is pleasant about it but BP can be condescending. Food at both is excellent -- and expensive. paaly
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