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  1. Emily has always been a pastry inspiration to me, ever since I read 'stars' and '4-star desserts' at the first restaurant I ever worked in. And I've eaten dessert quite a few times at Farralon, and one of my best friends used to work there and LOVED it! You're quite lucky to have taken a class with her...

  2. I have always found really good prices at Whole Foods. I buy a lot of items in bulk, I buy thier 365 brand products, and I stay away from the expensive stuff (pre-prepared foods, brand names, etc...). If you shop smart, you can buy great, organic, tasty foods with the added bonus of great customer service. They've made a lifelong customer of me!

  3. Hello again! Thanks for the good tips. We've been in town a few days now, and have had some good pizza (there's no good Jersey style pizza in SF), and of course Yeungling (I'm sure I spelled that wrong). Grandma's cooking has been the best so far though!

    There is a Jamacan place downtown that looks good, so we'll try and go soon.

  4. Hello! I'm moving to Vineland from San Francisco... I know there's good food out there, I just don't know where and I NEED your help!

    What good food finds are there in South Jersey? I need something... Like I said, I'll be in Vineland, so I'll be very centrally located.

    Thanks in advance!


  5. Patisserie Angelica... there are no directions on the website, and the address given can't be found on yahoo maps...

    Any help?

    On the way up, we went to Della Fattoria in Petaluma. I must say, we were a little underwhelmed. The space itself wsa really cute, and the kitchen looked very nice... but the product looked a little sloppy. There were no labels or names or prices on quite a few of the products. I'm just surprised because of the level of quality that I've always experienced with their stuff at the SF farmers market...

  6. filipe... thanks for the reccomendations of places to see in Europe.

    bripastryguy... thanks for the advice, we will call on you in the future! Please feel free to share anything that you want to... we'll listen to everything.

    hannamontana... wow, I can't believe you're opening a place so soon! That's very exciting. Jill and I either talk about the bakery or europe... that's pretty much it as well.

    etalanian... We have not visited Miel, although I have heard of it. We'll check it out in February (hopefully).

    In other news...

    Jill and I have a friend who is a patent lawyer for the gov. She suggested we trademark the name Oh My Ganache, because it's so catchy. We thought that sounded like a good idea, so she looked it up for us... bad news. Here is the e-mail she sent...

    Jill & Stephen - I did a quick search this morning on the Trademark website (http://www.uspto.gov/main/trademarks.htm), which is the first step toward getting a trademark.  You see whether it's taken, and then if it's not you submit an application to register and protect your name and/or logo.  I'm sorry to say - looks like it's been taken and being used by Cold Stone.  Check out the query results below.  I almost wish I didn't do the search now, but in the long run it's best that you find this out sooner rather than later.  If you want to look into it further give me a call.

    Word Mark OH MY GANACHE!

    Translations The English translation of the term "GANACHE" is "chocolate cream filling".

    Goods and Services IC 025. US 022 039. G & S: Clothing, namely t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, sweaters, polo-shirts, pants, shorts, socks, aprons and headwear

    IC 043. US 100 101. G & S: Restaurant services namely, restaurants featuring frozen confections including ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbets

    IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S: Retail store services, featuring coffee mugs, apparel and headwear

    Standard Characters Claimed 

    Mark Drawing Code (4) STANDARD CHARACTER MARK

    Design Search Code 

    Serial Number 78346633

    Filing Date December 30, 2003

    Current Filing Basis 1B

    Original Filing Basis 1B

    Published for Opposition March 22, 2005

    Owner (APPLICANT) Cold Stone Creamery, Inc. CORPORATION ARIZONA 16101 N. 82nd Street, Suite A4 Scottsdale ARIZONA 85260

    Attorney of Record R. Lee Fraley


    Register PRINCIPAL

    Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

    Damn! So I guess this means we can't (or shouldn't) use the name. From what it looks like, Coldstone owns the rights to Oh My Ganache.

    Now we need a new name...

    As I told Jill, this is the first of many many hurdles!!!

  7. Hello all! I mentioned in an earlier thread that my wife and I would be starting a bakery in Philadelphia. Well the time is getting closer, and the activity is picking up a bit. This project is in the very very beginning stages of coming to life, so I thought I'd start sharing now.

    I enjoyed reading about Criollo bakery in Portland, as well as Lazrowp's thread about Sushi Nation (I didn't exactly enjoy reading the end result, but I sure learned a lot from it). So I'm going to document the opening of our business here on eGullet so that all of you can join in the fun, tears, excitment, and problems that Jill and I will surely face. All I ask for in return is your honest opinions (and I might even ask for your help if you can offer it).


    To start it off, let me tell you a bit about us and our idea. Our names are Stephen and Jill. We currently live in San Francisco, and have been out here for almost three years. Jill is the pastry chef at a restaurant called Hawthorne Lane, and I work pastry for the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco. We decided about a year ago that we were done working for other people, and figured that the only way that was going to change was if did our own thing. After looking here for a while and deciding that it is too expensive and too far from our families, we abandoned the idea of staying here, and concentrated our focus on Philadelphia (close to home for Jill).

    But first we're taking an extended vacation to Europe. We've busted our asses for a long time and deserve the time off! Lord knows that once we come back and start the bakery, we will not have any time off for quite a long time...

    We have always talked about owning a bakery, and now is the time! We will come back from Europe in August.

    We haven't done too much yet, but we have a name (Oh My Ganache Bakery), a strong philosophy, and a business plan in progress. We've made a few contacts in Philly in regards to you fine eGullet-ers, a few pastry reps, and property owners.

    We intend on doing high-end pastry... contemporary yet accessable. The style will be heavily influenced by our time on the west coast, as well as our time in Europe. Jill is an immensely talented chef and manager and will be in charge of the back of the house, and I will be responsible for the front of the house.

    Our mission statement is as follows, and we strongly believe in it. It reads...

    "It is the vision of Oh My Ganache Bakery to become the premier pastry destination in the Philadelphia area. This will be accomplished by serving consistent and delicious foods, providing our guests with reliable, warm and professional service, treating our employees with the utmost respect and dignity, being aware of the social and environmental impacts we have, and by remembering to always have fun!"

    The mission statement is a reflection of our core values, which will form the philosophical views of Oh My Ganache Bakery.

    We're really excited to begin this journey and adventure, and we hope that you are as well. Thank you and we'll talk again soon...

  8. Hello again! Haha, I'm very glad Wawa got mentioned, I actually love wawa and I do like thier coffee (I use a wawa coffee cup at work everyday).

    I should have been more specific about our plans! We are planning on doing both breads and pastry, but will more than likely start with pastry only. Cakes, cookies, tarts, breakfast pastries, etc...

    Being in San Francisco has been a lot of fun, but it's time to wow philly!

    Thanks again for all of the wonderful info. It's very very useful...

  9. Hello again, part of the reason we posted this is to learn what people in the towns that we are looking into think about having a bakery. We are in the process of writing our business plan now and this is part of our research. Jill grew up in South Jersey, but hasn't been around much the last few years. We will travel around NJ looking at towns and look for a space to open the bakery. Depending on the type of space and where it is located (strip mall, main road, etc.) we will then decide exactly what we should be marketing.

    We really appreciate everyone helping us, and hearing about the fish markets closing due to ShopRite is a huge help for us, it does give us an idea of what the clientele would be. Right now we are focusing on places that have a Whole Foods in the immediate area because people that shop at Whole Foods will tend to go for higher quality over good prices. Atleast in my experience that is true. Thanks again everyone and we will be sure to keep you posted!

  10. Wow! Thanks for all of the quick replies... this is great. Jill and I are leaving in a few months to travel Europe (stopping at every patisserie and boulangerie along the way), and we're going to be back in September of 2006. After that we'll start looking for investors and a spot, so if anyone knows of either...

  11. Hello. My wife (chefjillm) and I are going to be moving back to Jersey to be closer to her family, and we are going to open a bakery. We need your help... What towns/cities/areas need a great, high-end bakery? We don't have our heart set on any specific location, anywhere from Philly to NYC.

    Help us out!!!

    Thanks in advance.

  12. I have recently discovered how awesome tempeh is, and I was wondering who else love it and what do you do with it???

    I have recently breaded and fried it (then covered it with gimmie lean sausage gravy), seared and simmered in a thai sauce...

    What else do people do with tempeh???

  13. We were talking about this yesterday, and our first thought was 'crap.' But after thinking about it, we figure it's probably a good thing in the end. Hersey's can demand better prices on beans, has awesome distributing channels, and untold amounts of capital. Good for John and Robert, they started a business and sold it for what I'm sure was a hefty sum... !

    My Two Cents: I really like SB, but feel it's too expensive to use while baking. So it's a good eating chocolate, but not a good baking chocolate... Plus they're factory is wicked cool.

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