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  1. I was checking out a local radio station's web-site and came across this.... http://www.thewvsr.com/adsvsreality.htm I thought I'd share.
  2. Love Brownies!!! I'm game.
  3. Allrecipes.com has a plethora of recipes.
  4. Say you're working hard @ whatever it is you do, and someone comes up to you one day and offers you a great opportunity to make more money. Would you turn it down? This said offer is in the same field that you're working in now....it'll offer you the opportunity to "get your name out there"....more recognition (possibly creating even more opportunites), more money, and the chance to make a difference.... Would YOU turn it down?
  5. But it IS disconcerting to see ER underlined at the end of someone's cookery list. What WAS that? ← Racheld, I'm pretty sure it says, "Etc." But that would be funny....to put ER at the end of your cooking list.
  6. Okay, I'm a dork....I misunderstood the concept of the gum thing. Just forget that I even asked that question....please! I'm going to blame it on sleep deprivation, yeah, that's it...sleep deprivation.
  7. Alina, Great blog! I'm finding this thread to be very interesting and informative as my husband's ancestors are from Russia. I'm curious though, about the tradition of putting gum in the food bill...why is that?
  8. I made some really good gianduia cups for Christmas gifts last year....just like peanut butter cups, but without the peanut butter. Although, adding peanut butter to it would be a great addition....Hmmmm, gonna have to try that. My daughter and I usually just dip our finger in the jar....only once a sitting, of course!
  9. No pics, but we had a block party yesterday and hubby and I cooked two briskets. Prepped them the night before w/ a version of Klinks rub. Got up @ 4:00 yesterday morn....meat on @ 4:30 - meat off @ 5:30 - ish. Best one we've made yet! Good luck to all of you who are smokin today.....and Happy 4th!!
  10. In high school I, briefly, worked at a fish cannery. My job was standing in the conveyor line behind the guy who slices the bellies open. I got to pull all the insides out, making sure each fish was nice a clean! Good times....Good times...
  11. I concur with the Becca and the Cook's Illustrated recipe for German Chocolate Cake. I tested it a couple of months ago to see how well it worked and it was easy and delicious! I brought half of it to work, as I don't need to eat a whole cake, and my co-workers devoured it! Also, a co-worker asked me to make this same cake for his wifes birthday the following week. Can't go wrong....
  12. I think I did pretty well this year.....I got a 5 qt. Le Crueset French Oven, an All-Clad Roasting pan, a mini cheesecake pan, two cake stands (but I'll take one back), and two cookbooks (The Bread Bakers Apprentice, and a chocolate cookbook). My husband got a light for his grill and a Spyderco knife sharpening kit. My kitchen knives have never been sharper!! Scary!
  13. Okay, I ran a search for (hot) chocolate and got 42 pages...after browsing through the entire list, I still haven't found what I'm looking for. I want to make a hot chocolate mix to send as gifts to friends/family. I can do a basic one with cocoa, sugar, etc. But I want to make something that will knock their socks off. And, of course, it has to be shippable and easy for them to prepare. Homemade marshmallows will go along with it. Any suggestions?
  14. When I was in high school I had a huge crush on this guy. For his birthday, I made him a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. It was getting pretty late by the time I got to the frosting part. I can't remember what the recipe called for but I put granulated sugar in it. I mixed that frosting for what seemed like forever and it was still grainy....I was out of time though, I had to use it. I thought maybe the sugar would dissolve by the morning and the frosting would be smooth. That didn't happen, but I gave the guy the cake anyway. To this day, nearly 20 years later, I regret giving him that cake with the grainy frosting. He later told me that he and his friends just peeled the frosting off and ate the cake part....ugh!!!
  15. Jenikaye


    I don't know about storage techniques, but I wanted to add that you can make savory kolaches as well. In Houston, I've had kolaches that had the dough wrapped around a little sausage. I don't know if that is traditional or just something they did there, but they were quite tasty!
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