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  1. I have tried 3 recipes from the book so far. -Mint Ice Cream. The book says the milk will turn an emerald green mine did not take on any color. Everyone who has tried it agrees that it is good but there is a grassy-green? flavor. It is definitely different than using a mint oil or extract. I made it mint straciatella with Valhrona 70% bittersweet. The chocolate is wonderful with it. -Chocolate. Very good. -Malted Milk Ice Cream. What can I say this is right there with my favorite ice creams I have ever made (pistachio and nutella being the other two). The chopped malted milk balls ad
  2. As far as beer goes The Hopleaf (my favorite), Map Room, The Beer Bistro, and Goose Island are all places that will have a selection of beers that you are not going to normally find in other bars. Also The Gage is a new place that opened on Michigan Ave. I have found the bartenders there to be particularly knowledgeable about the beer they serve People have told me that Bin 36 is a good place for wine flights. I have never been so maybe someone else can confirm or deny this rumor.
  3. Walking down Randolph on a Friday night in April was ridiculously cold, but the warmth from the wood siding looked inviting.. Entering Avec proved to be more difficult than one would assume as we failed to figure out how the door worked. The second time we tried to enter we hit the jackpot. Not surprisingly showing up at 830 on a Friday night required an hour wait. Off to Blackbird it was for a drink at the bar. The bartender made a nice recommendation of bourbon, and we watched the dishes come out of the Blackbird kitchen. It was tempting to stay there, but that will have to come at a
  4. Nutella Gelato = awesome... Recipe
  5. The burger... After looking at the pictures of that burger for a few months, I finally had a chance to go last wednesday to take advantage of the 10 dollar special. 2 hamburgers and duck fat fries. Also wanted to get the lobster mashed potatoes after reading ronnie's description but chef Richards told us they did not have lobster that night. He said his lobster order did not look good and sent it back. As has been said before it was the best burger I have ever had. As a mayo lover the truffled mayo was amazing. When our food was delivered Chef Richards jokingly said enjoy the appetize
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