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  1. Vera's Burger Shack, from Vancouver has opened an express unit in the butchery at bells corners. Has 20 seats and is serving up the same goodness as vancouver.
  2. gerald


    Had a cheese wheel a cpl of months ago on my way back from okanagan, it was good, crust was a little over charred, quality ingredients, I would go back if I was in the area, I don't know that I would make a special trip to abbotsford.
  3. gerald


    Make 1 pie with tap water then make 1 pie with bottled. dasani or aquafina, you are a passionate person about your pizza, I would think that anything you can do to make it even better, you would, so.....when so we eat?
  4. Still going strong, we missed the opportunity in the broadway location and have moved on. However the kits location is still a going concern and is still making, fresh tacos, quesadilla's and burritos Edited to make Jason feel better.
  5. If someone chooses to frame it that way (and I'm guessing few do), that would only serve to shed light on the insecurities of the framer. At the end of the day it's just a business decision - this guy is obviously a high profile guy being brought in to replace another high profile guy. Of course, you can read into it whatever you want. ← I actually agree. I think if anything it motivates the quality of what we already have, to try and elevate to another level. It should be interesting to see what Boulud can bring to the table that cant be done here already.
  6. I thought it was interesting about the feenies thing. Because this is a guy who has a bankable name, and he cannot use it now. The McDonalds brothers sold McDonalds, they were getting out. Much like Vera's sold to me, they were done with the business. Rob Feenie, not so much. I was surprised that in any deal made he would not have protected his namesake restaurant at least, in so far as if he left or was dismissed. It would be akin to trotter leaving trotters, or mossiman leaving mossimans, doesn't feel right Going to petes bar and grill with no pete.
  7. if you are looking for marble slab, and you are in kits we have our version, mario's gelato, extreme flavour shots and no singing. 1925 cornwall ave
  8. why would the city do that? and.. what place does the city have on restaurant signage? are they gonna start asking restaurants to design their logos in a certain way, too? make them fit in with the condos? ← I *think* Gerald's remark was in jest, but FYI, the City of Vancouver (like most cities) has guidelines and regulations about signage of all sorts, so that residential neighbourhoods don't end up looking like Times Square, for example. ← Yes I'm aware of that, but I thought it was mostly regulating against indecency and neon lights (even though it IS Granville).. I just had no idea that they were nazi-regulators when it comes to conforming the neighbourhood to a certain way. I mean they might as well be telling the designer to make the places look a certain way to "conform" with the gentrified neighbourhood. ← Seriously I wasn't kidding, the person that told me might have been, but wasn't
  9. I have it on good authority, that the city actually wanted a larger sign, they actually made them make it bigger.
  10. Is this a Taco Shack #2 or did the first one close ? ← Closed-but-they are supposed to be switching stores with Flying Wedge. However it was supposed to happen in April and the paper is still up and no action to be seen just a construction sign. ← taco shack 1 (cornwall ave) will be re-opening this week. taco shack 2 opened on friday night
  11. Congratulations Gerald, how many Burger and Taco places is that now? I have lost track ← Thanks, 7 Vera's, 1 Taco, wewant to get taco open next door before we start looking at other locations, we have really stabilized the food at taco, so now we need to fine tune the new store.
  12. Hi Guys Taco Shack will be moving next door in a flying wedge swap. Main st Vera's Opened tonight about 6pm, go in and say hi to luigi, a 6 year Vera's vet, who has now opened his very own.
  13. I would think that we should applaud ms. gill, she has definitely transcended the column she writes, further, she probably enjoys the banter on websites like this. Interesting to note that whether or not she writes a good or bad review, people will have a comment.
  14. ITS BAAAAAAACK from oct 15th to dec 1st, you can submit your recipe for the 2nd annual build a better burger contest 2 ways to enter in store or on line good luck
  15. Hi steamrollers, red burrito, cactus club, there is a deli at the corner of cambie and broadway that does smoked meat, citysquare food court as well. Those are all relatively cheap and easy. like me
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