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  1. Hello, I'll be in the Ft Walton Beach/Destin area next month and was wondering if anyone could suggest local finds for lunch/dinner. I've read through the thread but I'm not sure if these places still exist as there are some pretty old posts. My taste in food run the gamut but considering the beach environment, local seafood joints seem appropriate. Thanks
  2. I've been really pleased with Royal Oak. I get it at my local Wall Mart. I think it's like 8 bucks or something ridiculous. Check it out: http://www.walmart.com/search/search-ng.do?search_query=charcoal&ic=16_0&Find=Find&search_constraint=0
  3. How did I miss this?? I must check in more frequently for sure. It sounds like everyone had a really good time and Katie you selected just the right mix of venues to give visitors a real look inside the Philly food scene. So sorry I missed this one..
  4. Boy, how much fun is your job, creating, testing, then drinking all of those wonderful drinks! Katie Loeb's new book as described in todays Inky is titled "Shake, Stir, Pour - Fresh Homegrown Cocktails." Congrats on your new book, can't wait to get a copy.
  5. Sounds like this is the real deal. I'll have to make the trip soon, perhaps an E-Gullet outing to welcome this artisan pie man. A little more of the backstory here: http://phoenixvilledish.com/2012/06/coming-soon-vecchia-wood-fired-pizzeria-napoletana/
  6. We had our second dinner here last Saturday and it was excellent, even better than the first time. It's located right in the middle of Main street in Flemington far enough away from all the bargain hunters. It leans toward modern decor, pleasant enough but unremarkable. The service was competent but I admit I do like it when servers don't have to refer to the crib sheet for specials. That irritates me but at least she had a pleasant personality. This is now the go to place when we meet our friends from N. Jersey. It's also midway between our home in Bucks County and theirs in Mountain Lakes. Our friends had the tuna special and filet and were both quite pleased with their selection. Tuna was paired with the ubiquitous wasabi cream something or other and I didn't really see how the steak was done but it looked good. My wife ordered what I had the first visit, pork osso buco and she almost ate the shank it was so good. She rarely leaves the plate clean so that said it all for me. It came atop a mound of perfectly done creamy risoto and some other vegetable I can't recall. I had the boneless short ribs and they really were perfect. Chef Jonas Gold came over as I was just starting to dig in and let us know they had been braising since late morning. The sauce was so good I couldn't believe it, beefy with just the right amount of saltiness and just delicous. It was served over mashed potatoes and I loved that the sauce was enough to cover everything. It came with nicely roasted carrots. Huge portions here folks, no need for any appetizers at all, plus its BYO so we love that. We were all so full but did agree on 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and 4 spoons. Perfect ending. I highly recommend this place and only wish it were closer than the 40 minutes we have to go but I don't mind that at all. http://www.55main.com/
  7. I really enjoy Porcini and the two brothers are hysterical however, it's as big as a postage stamp. You will get to know you neighbors for sure but the food is well executed and not expensive. I would agree with Zefer81 and go any other time rather than restaurant week. You wont be getting anyone's A game. We also enjoyed Salento the 2 times we went but prefer their south philly place L'Angola.
  8. This photo (sorry for my daughters poor camera pic) only tells part of the story for the next to last night at Delorenzo's on Hudson Street. It was taken at 4:45 pm on Saturday. Our pies came to the table at 9:20! Many people were in line from 2:30 and they opened at 4:00. All this for a truly perfect tomato pie. It was worth it because we felt like we were a little part of Trenton history, another chapter closed now.
  9. I've been predicting that this dreaded day would come for years and so it has. Story here: http://www.nj.com/mercer/index.ssf/2011/12/famed_delorenzos_hudson_street.html As of January 15, 2012, the venerable Hudson Street tomato pie icon will close it's doors. Lots of reasons I suppose but not the least of which is that both owners are in their mid 60's and have been at this grind for a very long time. Also, when was the last time you ventured into the burg in Trenton? It's a lot different these days. One good part to this story is of course their Robbinsville location continues to flourish under The Amico's son Sam's stewardship and word is they are scouting a place in Pennsylvania to open in a year or so. I have heard they are looking at Newtown Bucks County which would please me no end as I live in the next town over. So you now have less than 4 weeks to get over there and bid them a proper farewell
  10. On the topic of Indian restaurants in this general area, is anyone familiar with Nanking in South Plainfield? http://www.nankingnj.com/index.html A few Indian friends in our neighborhood are planning an excursion there soon and I wanted to get a heads up as to menu choices. My one friend says this place is an excellent example of Indo-Chinese but the webpage indicates Chinese and Thai cusine??
  11. Man I love that little luncheonette in Krakus market. I didn't even realize it had a name! I usually go for the stuffed cabbage, yum. It's really like being in a small cafe in Warsaw. Anyway, fine list.
  12. I'll pile on with Memphis Taproom. Quirky joint with great food and even better beer as the name implies. Plus it's close to where you'll be staying. I also really like Modo Mio and you cant beat their prix fix menu for the level of food that you get. Although I do love Amada, I'm not sure you and your companion (s?) will make it out of there without spending way more than you wanted to. Food is excellent but I'd agree with your crack-like pricing scheme comment. I've been to Tierra Columbiana twice now and have mixed reviews. If you do go, check out the thread and zero in on what seems appetizing before going. Not a big fan of Tacconelli's but others seem to love the place. Hope you find something great to post about!
  13. Good point Chris. The matter of license cost needs to be based on store traffic or gross sales. It wouldn't be fair to those more rural areas to pay the same as one would in philly or pittsburgh. I was really pleased with Newman but we all know what happened to him, more political bullshit. He was a rare bird indeed, he didn't do it for the money but for the passion of getting it right for Pennsylvanians. Truth be told, I've been really wanting this sytem to be privatized since I moved to the state over 20 years ago, but seeing the latest email blast from the "Chairman's Selection" featuring wines over $200 really rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know about where you live but the selections in the Newtown store have really sucked since newman left. The difference is the slack is being picked up by the other bozos on the LCB. I can't believe that Newman's key buyers are still working for the state of PA and didn't go with Newman's new company. I too hope it gets done right as I'm getting real tired of going to new Jersey for my purchases
  14. Well said and the very same scenario, actually even better, holds true in NJ.
  15. At no other time in recent memory, even during the Ridge administration, do we find ourselves in a better position than right now to privatize the LCB system. The political will is there, the Republicans are in total control, the one time cash infusion has been quoted at around 1 Billion Dollars (not to mention ongoing savings in salaries and benefits of all the state employees) This would make a really sizable dent in the state's deficit this year. I really think that most people would rather have this industry in the hands of private companies who can deliver a far superior service with much more competitive pricing. I mean, when was the last time you saw a government agency do a better job at anything than the private sector? I know a lot of you feel the same way. Any ideas out there how we communicate this to the administration?
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