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  1. Eat them with raisins. Traditional persian winter snack.
  2. My experience is the same. I find that Northerners (areas bordering the Caspian) are the only people for whom garlic is a staple. My family was always paranoid about garlic breath, and we were told to avoid it unless we knew for a fact that we wouldn't have human contact for a day or two.
  3. If they are Persian sweet lemons, you may want to try keeping a few of them unrefrigerated for a while. The flavor intensifies as the skin dries out. You end up with an unusually mild bittersweet citrus. Cut them into wedges and eat them immediately, otherwise they become bitter. The thin-skinned smaller ones are usually more flavorful and fragrant.
  4. persiancook

    Leg of Lamb

    Should this be made in a covered dish, or left uncovered in the oven? Thanks.
  5. Is a particular type of white cake more suitable for cupcakes? I would like them to be the melt-in-your-mouth variety. ETA: I have read the cupcake thread, but am still unsure.
  6. I was just wondering, do you (and LindseyAnn/and others) also get headaches/etc when eating products with high glutamic acid values? See list @ http://www.umamiinfo.com/umami-rich_food/ ← The only one I eat regularly is Parmesan cheese. I would have a migraine every day if the cheese would be causing it. It took me a long time to figure out the MSG-migraine connection, but at least for me, it is undeniable.
  7. I keep mine in knife "safes" in a drawer. It works if you have only a few knives. Lamson Sharp Knife Safes
  8. Try it with rice. It works best with lentil pilaf, or dill and black-eyed peas pilaf.
  9. Not pastry, but divine: sprinkle with salt and eat them frozen.
  10. I use Bosc pears. I peel and dice them and toss them with a bit of lemon juice and sugar. Then I roast them at 400F for 45-50 minutes, until they just start to turn golden around the edges. I actually prefer the ladyfingers to sponge cake for this particular trifle. I find their texture more compatible with the pears. I would be happy to PM you the recipe.
  11. My Thanksgiving trifle has vanilla custard, apricot jam, ladyfingers, roasted pears, and pomegranate seeds. It is very pretty and the ingredients would still be in season for Christmas.
  12. persiancook

    Leg of Lamb

    I have not been able to find Andy Lynes eGCI course on slow cooking meats. I was hoping to read about the 7-hour method for lamb. Am I going blind or has it been removed from the site? Thanks a lot.
  13. I love this book. The stories and pictures are lovely. I have tried the Persian cardamom cookies. They turned out better than any Persian recipe I have seen. I made them a couple of days ago, and ended up lending the book to one of the many people who asked for the recipe. I have also repeatedly made the Russian apple pancakes, and the Afghani naan. I do not have the book at the moment, and I cannot remember what else I made.
  14. persiancook

    Electric range

    I have the same type of stovetop, and I use both regular and enameled cast iron on a daily basis. As long as the bottom is flat, and the diameter of the pan is not more than an inch or so larger than the burner, it will be fine. I do have a problem with stock though, as I am afraid of using my largest stockpot because of the diameter.
  15. Not in Jeff City, but an hour away, there is Sybil's in St. James. I have not been there yet, but my friends have tried it and were pleased.
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