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  1. ditto what rickster said. milk and arborio finish with a yolk and a nugget of butter.
  2. buy some pvc pipes and line them with acetate that has been sprayed with vegalene. works for us.
  3. or even a health food store, look for vegetable glycrine.
  4. My money is on Ripert. ← no, the guy in the preview for next week wasn't ripert.
  5. does anyone know who the judge is next week?
  6. I'd really like to know why they run the gambit when it comes to the contestants' experience. Example, last season before anyone picked up a knife it was obvious to me that Nimma would be the first to go. She simply had the body language of a scared to death extern. Whereas Stephanie owned and operated a restaurant and she won. This year seems to be the same with 21 year old patrick still in culinary school vs 41 year old Ariane who also runs her own restaurant. What I'm trying to say is that I really doubt one of the lesser experienced will pull off a Red Sox miracle and I believe the show would be more entertaining if the the contestants were chefs and not owners and aspiring sous chefs on the cusp. just my two cents.
  7. Do you have a dog? Bo Friberg's dog biscuit recipe calls for it. I replace half the oil with peanut butter and my dog loves them.
  8. kerry, the mushroom caramel is made by drying out chanterelles or shitake stems and then infusion them in cream with some thyme, strain and make deglaze a dry caramel. glad you enjoyed them rob. I like the cooktek induction cooker a lot. It has superior control compared to some other models I've tried. My only comment is that I wish it supported a wider pot but I am still looking for one.
  9. left to right chorizo mousse in croquant with mint bubble avocado in chocolate with shrimp manchego croquette pumpkin and cumin foie brulee with apple mousse scallop with mushroom asparagus, black truffle & chocolate foie and beet a spoon I should have stolen red mullet and salsify sweetbreads and pumpkin...black truffle too the most insane cheese cart I've ever seen! predessert, I don't remember apple in many forms, almond financier...? every michelin guide from the 30s to the present.
  10. white chocolate passion mint & mushroom caramel milk chocolate whiskey & pb&j salt & pepper. lemon myrtle the restaurant has converted one of the rooms (the bathroom) on the second floor where a apartment used to be into a temperature controlled workspace. The matfer r15 chocolate machine. perhaps I should have cleaned up a bit before taking pics...think "lived in look" in the literal sense.
  11. Yesterday the restaurtant received one matfer r15 tempering machine (15kg) with the motor and wheel. This is my first machine and while I'm sure in time I will figure out what works best for me but right now I'm looking to expedite the process. first of all, the temp display reads not the chocolate but the air beneath the pan. I still haven't figured out what temps are best to melt and keep at a stable working temp, I am working in a temperature controlled room and of course have a probe therm in the chocolate. this doesn't seem to be a issue for those with mol d'art melter. the second annoyance which I realize I *might* get used to is the pour spout isn't quite long enough to pour on a standard sized mold easily as let's say pouring from a bowl. If anyone has any tips on this... I'm used to pouring from a bowl without making a mess but yesterday on my first try the mess I made was quite embarassing. now, being that my employer purchased the motor and wheel I feel compelled to use them...but right now it seems I should have went with a mol'dart melting container at a 1/3 of the cost... what I hoping to avoid was using a ladle simply because too many items in the chocolate (therm, spat & ladle) irritate me. If someone can convince me this is the best route I will try it for more than a day and if anyone has any tips they would be greatly appreciated.
  12. ok, so this is carrageenan based with lbg. a equivalent is cpkelco's genugel 400c
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