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  1. Happy holidays to all!


    I have been given a home chocolate fountain for Christmas (I know, it is almost retro).The make is C3 - probably means nothing. In the booklet it suggests thinning the chocolate with oil (10-20% by weight), but I cringe at the thought. I'd like to thin it with something else that will

    1. give a good flavour to the chocolate
    2. allow me to reuse the chocolate for other applications, such as baking - i know it may have bits in it and that it has sat out, but I'm not too worried.


    Any suggestions?


    Also favourites for dipping?


    It is just for home use and fun with guests, so I don't have to worry about catering hygiene standards.


    Thanks so much


    I redid the photography for my last 2 chocolates...


    Popping Feeling...
    milk + dark chocolate ganache & lavender & lemon jenever, hazelnut praliné & milk chocolate & popping candy, dipped milk chocolate
    milk chocolate ganache & grinded coffee, dipped milk chocolate


    What did you use for the imprint? looks really cool

  3. If I knew how to pan and had the equipment I would make chocolate covered espresso beans.


    I have no panning equipment, but do a low-tech manual panning-type thing for nuts and such. in a bowl, add a bit of tempered chocolate, stir vigorously till set, repeat, toss in cocoa. They have a "rustic" look


    I'm sure there's a thread around on the manual process but I can't seem to find it

  4. I envy - always - the beautiful work you all do. It's been so long since I did any choccolate work that I seem to have lost my touch - nearly 2 years....




    My white chocolate, most of the milk chocolate and the cocoa butter had gone off, so had to be binned, I forgot to bang out the air bubbles and the fleur de lys mold was a bit of a disaster - it released find but the surface of the chocolate looked 'grainy' - I suspect some old cocoa butter residue has gone through a weird reaction from sitting so long - the flavour is fine so I hit it with some gold dust.... that's what going to university and having a full time job does to you, but now the end is in sight...

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  5. My husband is part-owner of an artisan micro-brewery, so obviously, beer ganache has been worked on...


    I find that it is very difficult to get a good flavour with the actual beer (too much water). Instead, I've worked with the various components, using spray dried malt and dry hops for infusion, similar to your approach. The spray dried malt makes it easier to work on the ratios. Also, I find that the combination of the bitterness of hops and chocolate is a flavour-challenge.


    I'm interested in how you get on with this, so keep us posted 

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  6. This year's elderflower cordial in the making - due to exams, I nearly missed the season, but sometimes, one has to consider to get priorities right....


    It's basically elderflowers, boiling water, lemons and sugar, with a bit of citric acid thrown in for good measure. It needs to steep for 5 days, then it is strained and bottled and, hey presto: summer in a bottle



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