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  1. My new boss has come to me with an idea he saw in a magazine

    he saw chocolate drops with crushed candy canes on them,

    they are disk like about a little less than an inch round with crushed candy canes on the top and nothing on the bottom,

    to him they are melted chocolate but i know there is more to them then that,

    any one have any ideas

    he wants them for thanksgiving

    thanks much

  2. pineapple

    Considered this, too, when thinking about a kaffir lime, coconut, pineapple trio. But I wondered if it wouldn't prevent the cream from setting.

    Yes, I was also worried that the acidity wouldn't work...hmmm, maybe a plain vanilla creme brulee topped with chunks of grilled pineapple?

    I have done the pineapple.

    Small tiny chunks of pineapple in the ramekin

    and I let a few chunks soak in the mixture for a few days

    I have not had any setting problems

  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    "At the bottom of each ramekin, place bits of dried apricots that have been slowly poached with Sherry & raspberry preserves. Top with a layer of génoise; then fill up with the custard."

    For this one you mean

    you fill with custard on top of the layer of genoise.

    then you bake it like a regular brulee??

  4. I am looking for some ideas for creme brulee flavors

    I found out the new owner of our restaurant loves small tastings for dessert, so I put a trio of small creme brulees on the new dessert menu and he loved it

    I am trying not to repeat flavors to much,

    I am looking for some new flavor ideas

    I try and have the 3 flavors that i use compliment each other.

    below are the flavors I have used allready..

    Orange, lemon lime strawberry blueberry raspberry peach coconut mango coffee chocolate toasted almond rum ginger lemongrass banana pumpkin

    up next week are

    Maple, pear and apple cinnamon

    thanks for your input.

  5. Ok long story short.

    I was supposed to be replaceing the baker of this catering company

    I was to work along side the baker for a few weeks then take over when she left.

    well with 3 days left to go her new job called her to tell her sorry we changed our mind........

    She told me not to worry she would still be leaving but just not yet

    the owner and the chef both told me they did not want to loose me since i was a good worker... If i wanted to they needed someone to work the veg cook /prep I said ok.

    One morning I came in 5.30 and the baker was not there yet (she starts at 4)

    It seem she was in an accident and was in the hospital.

    I did what I could working both stations to get the breakfast stuff ready pretty close to being on time.

    but lunch was harder I was going crazy going back and forth my station and the pastry.

    we needed 200 desserts for the lunch orders so the chef said make something easy and he helped me make tiramisu, when it was done he said portion it out and get back to your station ...ok

    I got 20 cups on a sheet tray and I need 200 orders so I made 5 trays of 20.. put them away and got back to my station that was getting slammed....

    I was ok till about halfway into lunch when I realized my mistake ( anyone else see it yet)..

    I did not know what to do... i was thinking i would say nothing and infer that maybe the guys sending out the orders where sending out more then they needed.. or just flat play dumb... instead I went right to the chef told him what happend and set about trying to fix it...

    he was mad but not as mad as i had seen him before..

    later he told me he was glad i went right to him did not give him bullshit stood there and took his wrath like a man and them went about fixing it the best we could

    and what I learned was we are all not perfect... we all make mistake so just fess up take it and then focus on fixing the problem.. lying will only make it worse...

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