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  1. katen

    Seafood 101

    Lots of great ideas here! Guess I'm in for some trial and error, huh? Definitely planning on trying the lemon-caper sauce (love those!). Jean, I think I have seen that market, is it by the Trader Joe's? I was planning on making a stop there. I'll have to post when I try something, probably sometime early next week as I leave for Atlanta for a few days on Thursday! Thanks everyone and keep 'em comin! Kate Hmm...does this mean I get to buy one of those fancy fish spatulas?
  2. olives, mushrooms, lobster, shrimp Saltiness of first one and texture on the last three. Of course there are lots of things I haven't tried, so that list may grow!
  3. Lots of salads (tuna and lettuce) plus my new favorite "snack" that ends up being a meal. Tomato slices spread with goat cheese and topped with basil. Maybe not gourmet, but tasty!
  4. katen

    Seafood 101

    Hi everyone, I need some help. I want to try and start eating more fish, and since I don't dine out regularly (almost never actually) I need to get the basics for preparing at home. I don't even know what types of fish I like other than canned tuna, crab cakes and fish fry! I know that the texture of lobster and shrimp are not my favorites. I used to eat fish whenever we went out when I was a kid, but became almost phobic(slight exaggeration there) as I grew older. So, how do I find good fish? I've always been suspect of the supermarket stuff. How do I know what to get? Is some more "fishy" than others? How do I prepare it? Do I have to live with a stinky apartment after I cook it? I told you I needed help! Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks! BTW, I'm in the Chicago suburbs (Naperville) if that helps any!
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