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  1. I'm still a relative newcomer to LA - so haven't tried some of the favorites. The tasting menu at SONA was mouthwatering (401 N La Cienega Blvd West Hollywood) the setting zen like and elegant, customers seem more dressed up then the usual super casual attire even at fine places - the staff is refined (something lacking at many LA restaurants). It would be my first pick - and then I'd return to their Patisserie BOULE (across the street) the next day for a sweet treat. Both Providence and Ortolan are serene and Ortolan is more romantic - but I think the food is brighter and livelier, more fish-centric and at Providence. Wouldn't consider Table 8 romantic - a tinge loud and the food is good but not in the same league as Sona. Might as well go to Osteria (loud and lively and fun and richly flavored) and one of the impossible reservations to get right now. Belvedere at Pennisula Hotel is more refined and elegant then outright romantic - maybe it was the number of business dinners occuring at surrounding tables (and...every dish was heavily salted!!!). Bastide just reopened and word is the tasting menu is stellar - not sure if it's romantic -- I haven't been yet - perhaps someone else will comment. Enjoy your trip to LA.
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    I'm a recent transplant and have to search for many of the things we take for granted in NYC. Silverlake Cheese might be good - but no matter how many times I went in (I only lived around the block) they were outright rude and understandably the wines are a convenience item - but are absurdly overpriced. The selection and incredibly friendly service at Artisan Cheese Gallery, 12023 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 makes it worth a detour is you are on the east side. Fortunately the Hollywood Farmers Market on Sundays is centrally located - so if you can't get to Santa Monica it's more then a worthy substitute for more varieties of heirloom tomatoes and plums then I have ever seen. Get ready to explore!
  3. It was this thread that made me want to join eg....so I could share favorite source for chopped liver - Sables 2nd Ave & 77th St. Maybe I like it because it's just like 'grandma-made' -- not too sweet, moist but not wet. In fact all the (smoked fish and salads) appetizers are worth the trek.
  4. A recent transplant from the motherland (nyc) of perfect bagels (how can you eat just 1/2). Where can I find something superior to chewy rolls-with-holes in Los Angeles? Also seeking not-too-salty, fatty, fresh smoked salmon? thanks.
  5. Tour is short and "sweet" thanks to offering of educational-samples. The cafe was worth eating it and pleasant surprise with fresh salads, grilled cheese (forgot cheese combo) because was so absorbed in toasted chocolate sandwich (on both the entree and dessert menu) which was done flawlessly. Care was taken to partner each sandwich with correct bread. Not blown away by the hot chocolate - it was thinner than I anticipated.
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