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  1. Hi all, Will be traveling from La Fortuna to Manuel Antonio this spring and am interested in any dining highlights you may be aware of, local fare or not. I'm aware of Sodas and Casadas. I'm just starting my search but I know if there are gems, someone here knows about them. Thanks!!
  2. Afterwards. That would explain the burnt edge, then. A wrap of aluminum foil would prevent that if you so preferred. Great tip! Thank you.
  3. Haha, that's what I thought too. As frustrating as this task was, I learned something new doing this, and am very pleased about that!
  4. So, here is my final result. I'm very happy with how it came out.. although this one didn`t have the nicest base. What I ended up doing was: Baking the chiffon cake in ring molds & baking the creme brulée in hotel pans. I put the brulée in the freezer for an hour before using and then cut rounds with the same ring mold and tranfered them to the top of the cake. It worked really well. The kicker: The chef loved it and even gave me a hug. Yay! Thank you all for your help on this one. I'm happy it's over.
  5. It's not an uncommon practice. One can always strike out on their own. I agree, and it doens't bother me at all. HE will know who made it.
  6. Thank you for your suggestion! I think the phyllo would make it more difficult to cut through the dessert though. In any case, I finally found a solution. Pictures will come. The actual event is next Wednesday, so hang on til then!
  7. Thank you so much for your kind words, Tri2Cook. I try to be positive, and it's out of my control anyway, he is the chef and in the end, I have to do what he says. No point in getting all discouraged.. but it's dissapointing to continuously fail in his eyes, with all the attempts I've done. The final chapter in this saga is that he finally - with the help of the sous chef - has agreed to me making the cake & creme brulee seperately and mounting them together at plating.. Can you believe it? He didn't like the texture of the custard in the Leche Flan Cake. I wish he could have agreed to that from the beginning, but alas I learned about the Leche Flan Cake and got some great ideas from everyone here. Thank you all again!!!
  8. I will keep this in mind, great idea! Hey, that was your first post! Welcome to eGullet! Great video HowardLi, thanks!
  9. He doesn't want to hear any reasoning about anything, he just wants it done. Believe me I tried.
  10. OMIGOD I just had a lightbulb go off in my head!!! I`m going to use a springform pan to make tomorrow`s cake, and trap the parchment in the base ring so the mix can`t seep underneath. YAHOO!!!!
  11. Oooh pastrygirl, you summed it up perfectly. Ok, so tonight wasn't a complete success, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.. sort of. I made the Leche Flan Chiffon Cake at work as planned. The obstacles I had was that the 'cake' pan I had was only 1" high and in hindsight I should've taken a hotel pan but i was trying to come up with straight edges and was over thinking things. Anyhow, I took the 12" pan, lined it with parchment and also made a collar of about 3" around. I made both components and poured the custard batter in the base. It was very thin and I could see that it had picked up one edge of the bottom parchment. I should have started over, but I thought giving it a convincing rub would keep the parchment flat on the bottom. I put it into a bain marie to bake, and while it was cooking, the cake was too heavy fr the collar and it flopped over on one side. There wasn't much I could do at that point, so I let it finish baking, removed it, let it cool and trimmed off the excess cake. When I flipped the cake out, it came out very easily, with the parchment paper layer, however about 1/2 of the custard had baked UNDER the parchment. It bruléed ok, not perfect but the chef is only concerned about having the right height of custard on the cake. I asked the chef if I could do it with the caramel layer, solving one big issue for me, but that isn`t an option. I do have a picture for you to see. You can see the two layers are clearly defined. It's exactly what the chef wants, just more custard layer. Tomorrow I am going to redo it, using my cake pans from home, and making sure that the parchment is as stuck to the bottom as possible. Do you guys have any advice? Thank you all!!
  12. So, I've decided on this recipe and will make it tomorrow, so I'll have feedback tomorrow night. Question: Do you think that if I eliminate the caramel layer on the bottom of the pan, that the custard will a) come out nice and dry so I can caramelize it, a la minute, and b) come out in one piece, or is the caramel layer important for eliminating the sticking factor. Do you think that a parchment layer would do the trick? Thank you! I'm excited to make this!!
  13. Kerry, I think this is the ticket! Thank you for taking Jaymes' idea and running with it! I'm going to find a recipe and make it. Pictures will be taken of course! Thank you everyone, once again, you guys are all the best!!!
  14. These look to be exactly what he is looking for! Fantastic, thank you Jaymes!!
  15. Without being disrespectful to my chef, I would jusy say that everyone has painted a prett good picture of his character and knowlege. I believe he saw this dessert at a previus restaurant that he (not I) worked at and wants to recreate it, without a recipe of course. He was adamant of the two layers being baked together, and I completely agree that if the cake is solid enough to support the brulee mix, it's going to overcook. I think Jaymes' idea would look elegant on the plate, especially with a pretty sugar disk on top. That will have to wait for one of my dinner parties though..
  16. I agree, I'm not fond of this dessert, but need to come up with a solution. I baked them at 300. I'm going to try the bain marie even with a thermometer to eliminate the stovetop being the cause of the curdling and see how that goes. That might not be until Monday though.
  17. I cooked the mix on the stove, once tempering and adding the yolks. Then I poured it onto a ring mold with a cake layer on the bottom and baked, so a water bath wouldn't be possible. Perhaps I should move to a bain marie once the yolks have been added.
  18. Thank you so much for all of your amazing replies, they are so much appreciated! I went MIA becuase I had to leave for work. I did try something like this tonight. I basically made the brulee mix with 8 yolks to 1 cup milk/cream, in a pastry creme method. When it cooled it was a nice thick consistency. When I poured it on the cake and baked it, it stayed seperate and basically was a success... however, the texture once I tasted it was not nice, the brulee was curdled. I made a second batch with 6 yolks this time, with the same results. I am thinking that I overcooked my mix on the stove, but was very careful (especially the second time!). When I tasted the unbaked mix, it was nice and creamy. So, I figure I need to find a happy marriage between the number of yolks and baking temperature. I baked them at 300 for 15 min. Actually my chef is pretty particular and insists on them being baked together. I had popped onto my phone to read responses on this thread while at work and tried to get him to let me try that and got a flat no. I feel better about where I'm at after today and think I will practice a bit more. If the curdled issue is only from my stovetop cooking of the mix and not from baking it, I'm not too far from my goal. Anyone have thoughts on this? We have gelatin at work, so I might go that route. Thank you all! Of course I will take pictues of my final result.
  19. Thank you for your reply Jaymes! The request came from my chef at the restaurant I work at. What I've been trying to do is bake the cake first, then when it cools (I've tried waiting a few hours, to freezing the cake and thawing it, hoping the results would change) the brulee mix is poured ontop of the cooked cake that has been cut with a ring mold and baked like that. I generally do cook my brulee in a bain marie, but I don't see how that could be possible for this instance. The ring mold is only 2 1/2" so it' pretty small and I suspect would cook quick enough, if I could get it to stay on top of the cake instead of soaking into it. Your method of cooking it upside down is a great idea, do they layers come out as two distinct layers?
  20. Do you think that would work? I suspect the cocoa butter would melt and blend in as it cooks?
  21. Hi everyone, I haven't been here in a long while and when I came across this problem I knew exactly where to go! Hope someone can help. I have to make a plated dessert, creme brulee cooked on top of a cake. Every recipe I try, the brulee mix soaks into the cake. I've tried a number of different recipes to no avail. Searching the internet resulted in some great pics, but nothing more. Anyone have experience with this or a recipe I can use? The only stipulation is that the cake has to be vanilla. Thank you!!
  22. I'm going to be in NYC in Nov. and am thinking of doing the 35$ Lunch Prix Fixe Menu at the MAZE. And comments or reviews? TIA..
  23. Someone told me that you can freeze marshmallows without any problems, but I haven't tried it myself.
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