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  1. Samish bay cheese company is in Bow, Washington about 70 miles north of Seattle. They have grass fed beef, pork, eggs, and great cheese. Its all organic and they ship or deliver. And 90 percent of what they feed the animals is made right on the farm. Check it out
  2. I work at Pike Place Market. Here is the thing to remember as it goes for tourists and townies. We all need each other. There are not enough locals coming down to downtown to do grocery shopping, yes there are some but not that many to keep a market that big up and running seven days a week. Tourists also need the locals for a market like that, tourists are not taking bags full of produce home with them. It is such a beautiful place lets all just enjoy it. You can get everything you need at Pike Place or in a few blocks just around there. If you are living downtown enjoy it. Also go on the weekends there are vendors and farmers there on Saturday and Sunday you will never see M-F. I work for an organic cheese farmer that is there on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only. Sosio's produce is the best produce, they have the rare stuff no one else gets. They even have Oregon truffles most of the time. All the seafood, the meat counters, DeLaurenti's needs to be experienced (they sell Salumi meats). The market deli has plenty of regular grocery items. And most of the prices are comparable to a Whole Foods or Metropolitan Market. Get to know some of the vendors as well most of the vendors know each other, including the competing vendors. One last thing if you want the best fresh doughnuts get a small bag and eat them while they are still burning hot once those things get cold you might as well eat a spoon-full of crisco. Enjoy it all though, there are people from all over the country wishing for something as wonderful as what we have here.
  3. Does anyone out there have any good suggestions for Thai food? I just moved to Seattle and am surrounded by fantastic Thai restaurants and am wanting to try it at home.
  4. Hello, I spent the night in Kansas City tonight. I ate at the Iron Barley yesterday for lunch. Fantastic, Prime Rib roasted over oak, with smashed potatos and green beans. Then made it to Kansas City by dinner time, and ate at Arthur Bryants. I am from North Carolina, and I have never had B-B-Q this good. I went to the Royals game, left at about 9:45 and wondered if I could make it back by before they close. Thanks for the advice on these places.
  5. Nothing fancy. I would probably say between five to fifteen dollars per meal. I will be by myself so I won't be budgeting as if it where for a family. But if there is an unbelievable place that runs a little higher I could see myself splurging just once.
  6. I am driving through St. Louis on Tuesday August 28, around lunch time. I am then spending the night in Kansas City. I am on my way to Seattle, Washington where I will spend the next three years studying, and eating of course. But I want to enjoy the long long ride. So lunch in St. Louis, dinner and possibly breakfast in Kansas city. Any suggestions. I am up for anything that will make a memory out of this trip. I like everything that God put on this earth that has flavor. I am trying to drive the 3,000+ miles without eating any fast food/bad chain food. Thanks for the help, I will try to post some pics of your recomendations. . .if I eat there.
  7. Ok here is the deal. I am moving to Seattle, Washington. Leaving Monday, August 27. Stopping for breakfast in Asheville. Then going to try to get to Nashville for lunch, and spend the night in Memphis. I need the veterans here to help me have a few great meals. I like everything, but I want memories. I'm driving 3,400 miles and I am trying to do it without eating in any chain/fast food types. I want real food, and local flair. Thanks in advance. I will try to post some pics later next week on what and where I ate.
  8. Best meal of my life had to be at The Charleston Grill. Drove down one Friday afternoon, about three hundred miles. Payed $120ish and drove all the way back home that night. Tasting menu, by myself, I can still taste the trio of venison.
  9. I was invited over to a friends new home for dinner. I was excited when I got there, and could smell the ripe tomatoes simmering in the pot. It smelled delicious! So we talked for a while and she began telling me about the recipe for the Beef stew she had created. She is a good cook so I had no reason to be worried, or so I thought. As we all gathered around the table and closed our eyes for prayer I peeked at what would be the toughest meat known to man. Then I opened my mouth and began to chew. . .and chew. . .and chew. The recipe had called for her to "Brown the meat" before putting it in the pot to cook. She had used cheap stew meat and "browned the meat" to the point it had no hope of ever tasting good. But the conversation was good, and I did what any self respecting person would do in a situation like this. I went back for seconds, and never regreted it.
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