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  1. Does anyone have a link to the review? Thanks, Adam
  2. Are you sure?\ i was talking to mario at raza yesterday about the festival and didnt mention anything about it ??
  3. Nope Just checked it out http://www.montrealenlumiere.com/indexEn.php should be working fine
  4. Of course, after what didn't happen at the Time Warner Center in NYC, it's probably wise to view this 'news' with a grain of salt. Chicago Chef Charlie Trotter to open new restaurant by Ashley M. Heher. =R= ← A bit off topic but i recently ate at Charlie Trotters and picked up his book Lessons in Service, very impressive book
  5. Right, Hamachi(young Yellowtail) lol my mistake Yellowtail Is there anywhere that sells it fresh? Thanks
  6. Anyone know where i could get some? Thanks
  7. Hey If you had another copy of the review I would be forever greatfull
  8. Ya i just heard that gonzalez is taking over auberge st gabriel and yes stelios is apparantly taking over cube
  9. Maison Charles Maisoncharles.com
  10. Does anybody have any info on whats happening with Gonzalez and Cube? And when his new place is opening?
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