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  1. I wandered up there yesterday lunchtime and there was no sign of a hotdog stall at 12:30, just a moped powered coffee stall.
  2. I did the coast to coast walk in June 2006, took 12 days so you'll probably be staying in a lot of the same villages. It was one of the best holidays I've had but not for the food. I had plans to detour to the odd decent restaurant but at the end of a long days walking, generally in strong wind and rain, it was quite an effort to walk to the nearest pub for whatever they were serving. From the diary I kept here are the very brief notes on the food (and distances walked before eating it); St. Bees - Queen's Hotel - Tasteless beef casserole Ennerdale Bridge (16 miles) - Shepherd’s Arms - average lasagne Stonehtwaite (16m) - Langstrath Arms - huge portion of tasty 'Lamb Henry' Patterdale (18m in 50mph wind and torrential rain) - White Lion Hotel - average cheeseburger and chips (Eng v Sweden footy on tv) Shap (17m) - Greyhound Inn - grotty pub, good food, great breakfast Kirkby Stephen (21m) - ? pub in high st - chilli beef w. rice, average Keld (?m) - YHA - veggie pasta, OK Reeth (?m) - no details Richmond (11m) - thai restaurant - OK - all 15 diners were on C2C walk! Osmotherley (26m) - Queen's Head - decent steak Clay Bank Top (?m) - pub in Chop Gate - very good lasagne Glaisdale (19m) - Arnecliffe Arms - good grub Robin's Hood Bay - Bay Hotel - average sandwich There was often nowhere to stop for lunch, or buy it the night before, so we sometimes had some very odd lunches cobbled together from what we could find (dry long-life rolls with primula spread in a downpour was a low point). So not a foody trip, but the first pint of bitter each night was superb.
  3. Thanks for the replies, I'll get a bottle of the external only oil. The recipe was for 'Bengali Fish Stew' from the website of a BBC programme 'Indian Food Made Easy'. http://www.bbc.co.uk/indianfoodmadeeasy/re.../fishstew.shtml I haven't watched the episode in question.
  4. I want to try a recipe which requires mustard oil. I went to a couple of Indian/Bangladeshi supermarkets in Brick Lane, London. They had 5l cans of 'Blended Edible' mustard oil, which I would never use all of. All the smaller bottles had 'External use only' printed on them. The shop assistant I asked said there was no difference and that they were labelled differently for import tax purposes. Is this true? Can I use the 'External Only' version for cooking?
  5. It's a little under 4 miles walk from the Whitstable Oyster place, all the way along the beach, probably a bit less from the train station. Takes about an hour and builds up a good appetite. I've got a taxi back after lunch a couple of times and had to wait ages so don't call them at the last minute.
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