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  1. True. Looks like she's putting her army experience to practise - it must have been scary to have a gun held to your head. I so want her to win, especially when the annoying and ready-to-strip (why?) Mr. Rhodes tried to poach her.
  2. Yeah, it's Kellie and I reckon it's between her and Terry. Kellie should win because so far she has been consistently working hard, doing as she told and coping well under pressure. But I wonder whether she can cook? I thought GR was bang out of order for calling the Blue Team "animals". So what do you call your team Gary, when they screamed and hooted? How could you call people that? Glad Aby went out - she was arrogant. Watching these guys have killed any desire that I may have had to be a chef.
  3. Very unhappy to report that I've entered an incredibly tumultuous period of sick children, whinging clients, emergency work travel and other annoying but unavoidable demands on my person that Pork Belly Experimentation has been forced to the bottom of my To Do list (while still remaining very near the top of my Want To Do list.) Divine Mrs. G, not sure if you're in Melbourne or know about Fenix, but "Tradition" isn't its calling card ... some things they do might start with a traditional dish or idea (e.g., "laksa") and then deconstruct/reconstruct to see what happens. It certainly worked with the Laksa. I will definitely still tackle the Pork, and I will definitely post the results. As I have one more necessary bit of travel (Perth this long weekend) ahead of me, current prediction of Belly attempt is probably midweek next week. Off topic but still appreciated would be any recos for good spots to eat this weekend in The World's Most Isolated City. ?? Or maybe better if I start a new thread to see how many good things can be said about eating in Perth. See you there. ← Sorry Kanga, I have been to Melbourne a couple of times, but do not live there. Glad to hear that reconstruction worked - I love adventure. :D
  4. Your picture of the Sarawak Laksa reminded me of a great Sarawak Laksa we had a few years ago when living in KL, in a cafe called Alexis in the Bangsar area. We miss it dearly!! ← Alexis - yeah, they used to serve a mean laksa - but we don't go to posh places to eat hawker food - in fact there was a coffee shop at the top of the road that used to serve great laksa. Aiyah, you all are so bad - posting pics of delicious meals. I was so thrilled I got chee cheong fun from Chinatown the other day - I haven't been home for two years now.
  5. Yeah I agree Basildog. Last night though, I nearly threw up with Gary's syrupy sweetness. Aaarrgghh. People do not like to be shouted at (except if it is Simon and his apples!!! Gah) and Gary obviously realised that he was going nowhere with his ranting and hyperventilating. Anyone noticed Liam Gallagher and his HP and tomato sauce bottles?? And the programme is worth watching just for Angus Deayton's remarks. Aby to J-C: Just give me an inch. Angus: And that is No. 74 from the Carry On list of double entendres!
  6. I usually marinate the meat with either oyster sauce or hoi sin, garlic and ginger and brown sugar. I then grill it. Whilst grilling it, I baste with honey. I only dice the meat after it is cooked and cooled (that's how the Chinese do it). But laksa with pork belly?? LOL - as a citizen of the country where laksa originated from, this is new to me. I miss it - laksa I mean. Heavenly coconuty broth with loads of chili boh (pounded chili) - yum.
  7. Fenugreek is also great to stop Monteczuma's Curse. Just take a handful and swallow with water. My mum's home remedy. And it works. I wasn't aware that Indian restaurants use MSG!! I thought only the Chinese did that. Also the red colour is unhealthy and should not be used at all.
  8. I too thought that Gary Rhodes was being unnecessarily harsh - and turning away people who were obviously hungry - that surely is not on! I feared for that girl's safety when she suggested that she'd come into the kitchen herself to get a meal for her and her friend. I want Masterchef back!! (Though I am not sure about Torode and that Greg fella).
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