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  1. The sangria definitely wasn't good. And we went there because we like sangria. Bait and switch. As I said above, I thought the food was fine.
  2. Since no one else on this thread seems to have eaten there (or remembered eating there), I will give my impressions. This is my first post on eGullet, so please be gentle. My wife and I were at the movies on Saturday night and I promised dinner afterwards. During the preshow, the slide for Cilantro Bisrtro kept in rotation. It said Cilantro - Tapas, Sangria, Mojitos. That hit us three for three. Now usually, restaurants that advertise in movie theaters are a warning sign, but with no other firm plans we gave it a try. We had to wait at the bar for half an hour and started a pitcher of sangria which was not as good as the sangria at Jaleo, but what is. The menu is kind of a hodge podge in that is not mediterranean or middle-eastern, but has bits of both as well as just random things. My wife had the Cilantro soup and the Pollo Med. She is a big soup fan and loved the real chunks of tomato and vouched for the presence of cilantro. I had the crab cigars and the beef kabobs. The cigars were very rich and full of crab with out a lot of other filler. The kabobs were tender and came with a mild juice dipping sauce. Why do things at tapas places come in threes? The beef kabobs were three skewers of two pieces. Are just not supposed to ever be able to split things evenly? Just a little side gripe. The place is the typical rowhouse set up with a bar up front and dining in the back. The dining area had a much calmer vibe than the bar. The centerpiece of the dining room is a large chandelier which looks antique but is actually a huge modern artish thing that looks like it was made of giant pipe cleaners. The crowd was mostly couples with some large groups. One was some sort of family get together and another was a group of women about to go clubbing. The service was a little confused as food kept coming out to the wrong tables, but the place is so small, it all found its right home eventually. As we were leaving, the bar had filled up and had gottem smokier. As a non-smoker, I was glad we did not have one of the 4 or 5 tables in the front window area. Overall, not a great place, but a nice alternative to the much larger and even noiser places across the street.
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