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  1. WoW. Best family trip EVER. I have a dear old friend who has just returned from China, with his new wife and his newfound appreciation for Chinese medicine. I just may try to get a vist to an herbalist here in the States! Please tell Serena that I envy her Hello Kitty spoils and tell Scud that we're also on a constant search for anime on YouTube, but not at the expense of missing sightseeing!

    Seriously, Yoonhi and you have a wonderful life, your family, your marriage, your travels, I'm a big fan. Be well, and I certainly hope there is no more kid vomit now that you're home!

  2. We eat corn on the cob for breakfast when it's in season, does that starchy vegetable count? Corn is a great breakfast.

    Also, we do a breakfast saute, usually of summer squashes with onions, tomatoes and potatoes---- sometimes I just dump some frozen vegetables in the pan, if we're low on fresh stuff, and go from there. Cauliflower is VERY popular, especially if I leave it on the stove until it begins to carmelize in bits.

    It's a great filling meal. I suppose if you are a big eater that you could serve it with an egg. My daughter likes to shave some cheese on hers. Or cover it in ketchup... she's on her yearly "spring to summer" ketchup kick right now.

  3. I wonder what a life-cycle energy analysis would say about the various reusable totes versus disposable plastic bags. Presumably, there's a lot more energy and such involved in creating a reusable tote. I wonder how many times you have to use it before it becomes better for the planet than disposable bags. 10? 100? 500? And I wonder how many times the average reusable bag actually gets used before it's retired and discarded.

    In my case, well, the age of my oldest tote was, I hate to admit this, because I AM the original owner, 29 years- until a few weeks ago, when it was stolen from my car. I got it at a fund raiser in school! Most of my other totes were from 1987, 1989, 0r the early 90's. I have only ruined one tote over the years, it got overbleached and the fibers weakened. YRMV!

  4. Well, my #1 boy has always insisted that I wear "that cookie perfume" when I run out of Cartier. He LOVES the smell so much! It's actually just cocoa butter sticks, for my sensitive skin. He didn't know that, though, for almost 23 years! And, he never would have known, if he hadn't been caring for me during my radiation last winter! How could I hide the cocoa butter sticks, when he had to do the shopping?Ah, the mysteries we women keep! :laugh:

  5. My car was broken into and my entire collection of cloth tote bags was stolen. That was ALL that was stolen! 20 years of collecting, gone in a moment. I would rather the thief had taken the stereo, it would have been far easier to replace. Now I am left with 2 totes, an immense black luggage fabric Tupperware tote, large enough to hold a car trunk worth of goods, and a slightly smaller Ikea tote, which I can say for a fact holds 18 boxes of Pepperidge Farm cookies, a frozen Pepperidge Farm cake and 3 boxes of tea alongside. (We're having a tasting- or should I say a critique of taste?). So, I have looked on ebaY, and there is a plethora of canvas totes up, with good prices, and of plain design, so they can be decorated to your taste. Hey, I'm a cheap date, ebaY is my go to shop. Perhaps, though, we eGulleteers can use this thread as an opportunity to support our beloved society, by purchasing THESE ! The eGullet-ote! I can't afford these lovely bags, but I know that many of us can, and they are beautiful!

  6. Are poeple saying that the restaurant wasn't paying it's rent? I saw that the landlord was the issue, but I didn't read anywhere what the exact issue is. Let's just wait and see, and hope that we get the opportunity to eat Chef LoPinto's food again soon.

  7. Pam's basic recipe is the right way to get an awesome sausage. You need to go heavy on the chicken skin and fat. I, however, do a completely different seasoning. Because my Kiddle really likes Italian sausage, I use fennel seeds, garlic, salt, parsley and a spoonful of sugar. I like it with cracked peppercorns, but Kiddle doesn't care for pepper, so usually I will split mine and broil them with the peppercorns atop. I've never used casings, I'm too cheap to bother with the equipment I would need for that. So, my sausage is not as wonderful as it could be. But, it tastes GREAT. And, I've bought kosher chicken sausages many times, it is very rare that I have gotten a product as luscious as a chicken sausage could be, with enough fat.

  8. When I was a wee lass...

    I imagined it was the height of grown-up-ness to ride freely on a horse while sucking on candy.  I may or may not have been a little touched in the head at the time.

    ... but at least I know now that if I were in a pie vs pie deathmatch with her, I wouldn't have a lot to worry about.

    Please, I SO needed this laugh! You can have that death match at my house, I haven't had a chicken pot pie, EVER.

  9. Just to let you know, Marlene, there is a photo of you and your brother (may he rest in peace) sitting outside together, a few years ago on a camp trip, both smiling, right before you smoked him with the grill-that photo, well, it sits in my mind as a touching testament to the love you share. And then, you wrote about a trip you took with your son, and the great conversations that you had while he experienced his first lamb. :smile: I think about those posts whenever I think of you. :wub: Bless you, dear!

  10. Many homeless people have been fed fast food meals by my daughter and me, over the years. AFTER we'd scored the accompanying toy! Also, I PRAY for Cap'n Crunch cereal to have a promotion so that I can justify buying some!

    We buy MANY items for the promotions, and then give away (or sell) the items themselves, after revelling in the "free" stuff!

  11. ...Now I need to study up on the different kinds of towels that I will *need* to get...

    Here are some different kinds of towels, in a box! Here is another place, that I like to order bulk items from. I sometimes give towels in bulk as housewarming/business opening gifts. You never forget the person who gave you a great supply of towels! Heck, it was one of the better traits of my exhusband... aside from the Kiddle and the... well, the Kiddle and the towels, that's about it!

  12. I just made a drink with some gin, 2 1/2 ounces, with the juice and some pulp from a lime, shaken with 3 ice cubes, and poured into a small tumbler, that I rimmed with kosher salt. I liked this. It's probably already got a name, but as a plebian drinker, I don't know it. I wonder if a drink made with some tequila and pickled ginger would be good with salt, too. But, I've just had my drink for the week, so that will have to wait.

  13. Someone once told me that SPAM tasted like people, so I though that I would be adoring it. People, BTW taste like pork. But, SPAM tastes NOTHING like people, OR pork. :sad:

    ...have you tried it sauteed with fava beans and a nice chianti?

    Isn't that for the liver? I prefer a nice butt roast, myself. Well, ahem, I'm just sayin' I BELIEVE that I would, if it were a socially acceptable and legal foodstuff. I, of course, although I have been known to break the social laws, would NEVER break any legal taboos. No, Nope, I wouldn't. Not me. I'm just as simple as I seem, honest! :huh:

  14. Chicken soup, and potato something. We don't know what it is, but it looks like mashed potatoes. Kiddle believes it to be kugel, which she has never had, and is always looking for. EVERY unknown food we are given become the ever elusive kugel, until it is identified. I intend to make a noodle kugel after Passover, just to satisfy her curiosity. I am going to need guests, because I am pretty sure that Kiddle will not like the kugel. We're in NJ, send your friends.

    Shabbat Shalom, and Hag Sameach! We wish you all a peaceful and joyous Shabbat during Passover!

    edited by me to add: This IS a kugel a potato kugel. Not a great one, but made with love. Melissa, I have found YOUR potato kugel recipe, on Flick'r, and we are going to make it on Sunday!

  15. I LOVE my side towels. However, I also LOVE my oven mitts. Because, I HATE getting burned by my clumsy self, when reaching into the ovens! My side towels are white with blue or pink stripes running down the edges, I got them at a jewelry supply company, a lifetime ago.

    I say, keep whatever works for you!

  16. I keep an old pressed glass bowl full of rolled up towels of varying types, on my counter. UNDER my kitchen sink I keep a bucket full of torn up 'rag' towels. Too useful for cleaning(we don't use paper towels or paper napkins, for that matter!), too ugly for the countertops!

  17. Strait up, the use of corn syrup/glucose in iced creams has little to do with cost, and much more to do with creating a better product.  Sure, some people like to use sugar only because it's "more natural" (aka has less scary names attached to it), but it's an inferioir product.

    There is nothing scary about it, corn syrup is a cheap form of sugar, and simple syrup has become an almost extinct idea. Too bad, because if you do a taste test, other glucose syrups do far better on the tongue than corn syrup. Glucose, fructose, it's all SUGAR. Natural means nothing. Cobalt is natural, but I'm not eating it!

  18. Good friends will find somehing to eat at your Seder, even if you don't make special dishes for them, there are bound to be even vegan options at your table already. Charoset is pretty dense nutrition, you know! That said, I think that you are great for thinking of making foods that will satiate and tempt them, too. That is the sign of a great host, and you get an A+ for caring!

  19. We just cleaned out the kitchen for Passover, and found film in the back of the tiny freezer, and a small container of duck livers. Yay!

    In the 'pantry' cabinets, we found, LOTS of forgotten foodstuffs, such as 12 pounds of whole wheat pasta, ulp. Kiddle and friends will be eating pasta for dinner tonight, and pasta will be our take-it-home favors for the non Passover celebrating part of the gang. Although I have been informed that the non Passover celebrants are expecting matzoh brie for brunch this week. As we have received eleven pounds of matzoh so far, and there are only 2 of us, I think that I can accomodate the requests.

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