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  1. Yeah it's freaky.. our family business is producing honey and we're kinda scared this same thing will happen here inthe Philippines to our bees.
  2. ^ How was your pizza dough to begin with? I've learned that it's better to start off with a relatively dry pizza dough - it is less soggy that way. Otherwise, bake it longer and make your sauce a little less watery.. g'luck! I love the looks of that pizza, I want to try it sometime.
  3. I made some carob muffins for breakfast today.. Yesterday I just made some strawberries and sunflower honey (just cooked for like 2 minutes) and then just mixed it with some cream. yum.
  4. Ninjai Fanatic

    Help With Dipping Ice-Cream

    Wow that sounds really interesting.. could you post some pictures of this sometime if you can please?
  5. Ninjai Fanatic

    Savories: What are you making & baking?

    boy.. these breads are so pretty! I haven't been able to do any sour dough breads yet (from scratch) but I bake almost everyday and well, this is one way I earn money. I bake for this small private boys school. It's good. I've been baking regularly for the past 3 years or so. I love it.
  6. Ninjai Fanatic

    Not a Sweet Little Bunny

    Mooshmouse- that kinda sounds like what happened to my mom as well... she grew up in greenhills and they did the same thing with her pet pig. She was so upset she got a fever. An uncle of mine had a nice pet down which he grew up with- and one day when he got back from school he was wondering where his pet dog was- and they told him, "You know those meat chips you were having a while ago? that's browny.." poor guy.. needless to say, my mom and uncle are vegetarians now, and so am I- I haven't eaten any meat whatsoever.. A neighbor of mine stole one of my rabbits and ate the poor thing and another time my dog killed one of my rabbits and offered it to me. That really freaked me out.
  7. Ninjai Fanatic

    Feeding the New Neighbors

    Have you decided on what to cook yet? It's always kinda funny to feed people from different walks of life. For example, I grew up here in Asia, eating tofu prepared in all sorts of different ways. I went to visit my Aunt in North Carolina and ate with her at her neighbor's house. It was the first time they had tofu so they wanted to invite us over, and they just boiled it and served it with a little soy sauce. They couldn't believe how "exotic" it was
  8. Ninjai Fanatic

    Competitive Eating

    these people make me wonder sometimes.. i mean, I know people usually get into contests for some sort of prestige, but is it really worth it- will it really be later on, "I won 10 eating championships" ..
  9. Ninjai Fanatic

    Upgrade Me!

    wow.. this should be pretty interesting..
  10. Ninjai Fanatic

    Honeys I Have Known

    My uncle's the biggest commercial beekeeper in the Philippines (http://www.philippinehoney.com - unfortunately, my cousin's taking so long fixing the site) and of all the honey's I've tasted from around the world, I still like my uncle's honey best. they have different flavors- Wild Sunflower (my favorite), tropical, mango, narra, coffee, cadena de amor, and a few others.
  11. we usually make blueberry cream pies or apple struedels for our thanksgiving ...
  12. NEver! well, only if good friends/sisters ask for the books, otherwise, my cookbooks and I are pretty much "til death do us part"
  13. Ninjai Fanatic

    Competitive Eating

    hehe.. that's pretty cool tho aye, for $400. Those 103 lb eating-champs amaze me indeed.
  14. Ninjai Fanatic

    Cooking Burns and Scars

    Ditto on Lexy's post. My arms and hands have so many scars from burns and cuts- in fact, my newest ones are on my forehead (frying curd). I also have an inch long burn-scar on my left foot (I was baking at my parents' place) from when I made this huge cottage loaf and when I opened oven- well, the whole door fell out along with the hot tray, luckily I was holding the hot pads.. as I tried to catch the bread the scalding tray fell on my foot.
  15. As a child I never liked to eat squash, so my mom would always say, "It'll may your cheeks and eyes nice!" good gawd