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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Could I substitute mascarpone for double cream, or do you think I can get in the states? ← I could be wrong but, I think double cream is the equivilent of heavy cream in the States. Can anyone confirm??
  2. If they do that ( and I agree they should have) then they would have 2 gone in one episode and that would mess up their scheduling.
  3. Still pregnant too. Has it really only been 20 weeks!!!!!? Pizza, it's all about pizza for me. That and baked potatoes. Doctors appointment tomorrow.....scale, he's not going to be happy!!! It's all the pizza's fault.
  4. In my experience, and I have only stayed on the French side, I find it is better to have some sort of transport. Especially if you want to explore the Island. My husband & I, when solo, will just rent a moped which is perfect, but if you are a larger group a car is better. The island is quite big and taxi's are expensive and not all that reliable. If you want to go beach hopping I would say definatley have your own transport. Finding a taxi at the end of a day on beach can be a headache.
  5. I'm pretty sure mulled wine is tradtional at Christmas in Scotland, it is in Ireland and I have some dimmed memories of drinking it at Christmas parties when visiting my friends who were at University in Edinburgh. Turnip and potatoes are pretty standard sides. Mince pies are very Christmasy.
  6. The same with me, last season, I knew Tiffany, Harold & Leanne would go far from the beginning. This time I am going for Sam, Cliff and maybe Ilan (SP). Let's see.
  7. Having grown up in NI, but now living in England, I couldn't agree more. When I go back now and then to see family and friends, it's a mission to find anywhere that serves 'real' food that doesn't come with a selection of fifteen different potato styles. Deanes upstairs is okay, but there's more atmosphere on the moon. Cayenne is indeed very good, as is Roscoff Brasserie. James St South's worth a mention, too. There's a veritable plethora of true crimes against all things culinary in every town and city you visit there. Has always been the same and I'd hazard a guess it always will be. Shame, but a fact nontheless. ← I understand what you are saying, but what I was trying to say, in my muddled way, is that just because the pickins are slim, restaurant wise, it is unfair to assume we all have the palates of dry wall. I grew up in a family who are are great cooks. I am not just talking about meat and potato dinners. We travelled as a family and eat out in many different kinds of restaurants. I then left Northern Ireland to go University, like many do. So many of us are exposed to foods from all over. So while pig, pototoes and chocolate may be found in our fridges at any given time, that is not to say that is all you will find.
  8. Your Sister in law must have issues then because I grew up there and pasta is not only a very common item in many restaurants, but a staple in many homes for dinner. I also feel that your comments on the N. Irish palate extremely generalized. I know some that definately are as you described, but I know many more who are not. Weatherspoons, is like a TGIF, which many Americans love and consider as their weekly meal out and this is about as adventurous as they will get. Does it mean the rest of the country is so...I think not. I would give Cayenne a try. Deane's has a nice vibe for lunch. Avoid The Appartment at all costs. That is for food at least.
  9. I also agree with Sue Flay, pregnancy may not be a sickness, but it can be very frustrating to sit time after time in a restaurant watching those around you supping away on wine, eating a juicy steak, eating sushi etc, whilst you sit there enviously searching the menu for something that A.) you are allowed to eat & B.) something that you can actually stomach. It is very kind of Daniel to prepare a meal that everyone can eat and enjoy and you do not feel left out or that you are missing out.l
  10. The pickles & ice-cream cravings remind me of an ad we used to have on TV for the Yellow Pages. It showed a heavily pregnant women & hubby preparing the babies room. When it comes to dinner time he asks his wife what she would like, to which she replies, pizza... a large pizza with tuna fish & bananas. Hence, pan to husband sighing and grabbing the yellow pages, in attempt to find a pizza place that will do this. This ad was so popular, that many pizzerias jumped on the bandwagon and included a "Pizza Yellow Pages " with these ingredients on their menu. It was actually was a very popular pizza at the time. Not sure if it is still around. I will have to investigate when I go back home for Christmas. Damn, now I want one. Sorry for the tangent, been suffering a case of preggo brain for the last couple of weeks.
  11. Not sure of the reservation culture in Bueno Aires, but I would go ahead and try and make one anyway. It is New Years Eve and a lot of restaurants have sittings, set menus or don't even open on that night.
  12. I'm pregnant. I didn't know about the shellfish thing...oops!! Basically, at least for me, you can't eat any of the good stuff. It seems every week they come up with a new thing that you are not supposed to eat. It can be very frustrating. Some women are stricter than others on all these no no's, so maybe it would be good to talk to your friend and see how strongly she feels about what she shouldn't be eating. Also keep in mind that many pregnant women have unexplained aversions to certain foods. So her favourites may not be so any more.
  13. Agree on the corned beef & cabbage thing. I have never eaten it, been offered it in a friend's home or seen it on a menu in Ireland. Bacon & cabbage yes and even when I have eaten it, never on St. Paddy's day.
  14. From what I remember, I read this article a few days ago, it seemed that for women there was no real change in sexual libido but, there is a slight decrease for some men. They did however paint this as a good thing by saying that men who had had problems keeping it in their pants were no longer as tempted to stray and were more focused on only their partner and therefore better and more comitted lovers. That is to say that on this diet men are able to have some sexual control!! ETA: I really should read before I post
  15. A great report! As I said in my earlier post it brings back many fond memories of my early trips to France. Your energy & enthousiasm are captivating. Thank you for sharing with us. Dave PS: You can get coka light everywhere in France, but who wants to? ← It's funny, how diet coke has a slightly different taste from country to country. I prefer the coke light, in France & Spain. In Ireland & US I don't really like diet coke (which are different from each other) as much and since getting pregnant cannot stand the taste of it, no matter where it comes from. Which is a good thing really!! Brilliant report by the way Megan. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Much better than work any day.
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