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  1. Went for the pork shoulder (though the sausages and meatballs looked good) and was a little disappointed. It wasn't quite as packed with stuff as I remember, and the pork wasn't quite as flavorful or full of the crunchy bits. Still one fine sandwich, though.
  2. If you're going to be around Union Station, my favorite standbys are The Dubliner and Kelly's Irish Times, which are both across the street and are pretty decent Irish pubs. I know Kelly's has Smithwick's on tap - not sure about the Dubliner. Irish Times is a little bit more law school crowd, whereas the Dubliner is a little nicer (but still an Irish pub, of course). Otherwise you could go to Bistro Bis, which is just a little bit further - nice list of wines by the glass and the food is really good. I was there in January, and had one of the finest meals of my short dining life - the '00 Tablas Creek Esprit de Beaucastel was spectacular!
  3. Merkado Menu ← Wow, what a menu. What do you call that kind of cuisine, ConFusion? ← This item about sums it up: ← I think my favorite is that the last option on the "Nacho Nirvana Platters" is sundried tomatoes. Yuck.
  4. Went to Old Ebbitt last night with girlfriend and her mom - despite my constant distraction by the Masters at the bar (though that chip on 16 couldn't be missed for the WORLD), dinner was quite good, as it was comprised almost solely of their raw bar items. The big feast was the Orca - 12 oysters (we got mostly Newports, after getting a dozen mixed before, with mostly Raspberry Points), 12 clams, 12 shrimp (these were DELICIOUS - probably some of the biggest shrimp I've ever eaten), 12 crab claws, and a whole lobster. I wasn't terribly impressed by the lobster, but on Wednesday, we had fresh 2 pound Maine lobsters that had been off the boat for about 12 hours, so I guess I'm biased. To accompany - a bottle of Matua & Seleni Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (perfect with the fresh seafood, and I liked the Seleni a little better - it had that grapefruit zing that I like in NZ wines), and a half-bottle of Bonny Doon Vin de Glacier (which admittedly was a little disappointing, but still not bad). At the end of the night, the bartender looked at us and said "You guys sure know how to party!"
  5. Well, I do believe THAT clinches it. I didn't even know about that...sweet!
  6. Monday is the "six-monthiversary," as I like to call it, of the day that I first met my girlfriend. Unfortunately, other events have caused us to decide to celebrate on Sunday. What's a good romantic restaurant to go to that's still open on Sunday? I've already booked at Mendocino, through OpenTable, but I wanted to shoot this one to the peanut gallery to see if I can think of anything closer to her house - she lives in Logan Circle. Also, anybody know where I can buy nice pearl earrings in the city? (I guess that's for another, jewelry-related board somewhere...)
  7. Went to Belga for some drinks last night after free Hypnotique at Tapatinis (I told my friend that I would get tooth decay before getting a solid buzz off those...) Good stuff, though - had the Petrus (not the Chateau) brown, which was on tap. Bartender warned me about a sweet finish, and she definitely knew her stuff...unfortunately, it was her last day (we even bummed cigs off her). Followed up w/ La Chouffe (DAMN that is fine stuff - I never had it at 2 Amys, but finally got the chance here) and a Lindeman's Kriek (which is a disappointment after having the Framboise at the Brickskeller). But the real star was those FRIES - golden, crunchy, and HOT. I would say they even give the truffle/parmesan fries at Firefly a run for their money. All in all, worth a repeat.
  8. I don't think the sad eyes thing would work with my roomie...so the chicken it is.
  9. I kinda had my heart set on the chicken...though I wouldn't be surprised if I SAW the burger that I wouldn't have a rather abrupt change of heart. But there's something about having to wait 20 extra minutes - it's like a guarantee that it's going to be special.
  10. Cool. Yeah, I forgot about the fry plate! That, some chicken, a glass of barbera, and Clive Owen wreaking some digitized mayhem on an enormous screen sound like a plan tonight!
  11. Thanks - anybody have any non-poultry recommendations? I've heard about the minestrone, but anything that's really a must-order lately?
  12. How late does the bar at Palena serve food? A buddy and I are planning to see Sin City at the Uptown at 11:15...and I wants me some chicken!
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